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What does Genome refer to?
Genome refers to the complete set of genes that an organism possesses.
How many genes does the human genome contain?
Human genome contains 30,000–80,000 genes on 23 pairs of chromosomes.
Most genes in a human genome are the same for all humans
what do Behavioral geneticists do
Behavioral geneticists attempt to determine the degree to which individual differences in personality (for example) are caused by genetic and environmental differences
Controversy with Behavioral Genetics.
Suggest that genetics differences b/t individuals, rather than parental socialization or personal experience, are responsible for shaping the core feature of human personality.
ideological concerns w/ behavioral genetics
can be used to support political agendas. if a individual diff in thrill seeking is caused by specific gene, then does this mean we shouldnt hold juvenile delinquents responsible for stealing cars for joy rides
Eugenics w/ behavior genetics
the notion that we can design the future of human race by fostering the reproduction of persons w/ certain traits and by discouraging the reproduction of persons w/o those traits. creating a "master race"
Percentage of variance in behavior gentics
the fact that individuals vary and this variability can be partitioned into percentages that are due to different causes
What is Behavioral genetics, and what are its goals
the ways genes and environment interact and correlate with each other, percentage of variance, figuring out precisely where in the environment the effects are taking place( parental socialization or teachers they are exposed to)
Proportion of observed variance in group of individuals that can be explained or accounted for by genetic variance.

OR Proportion of phenotypic variance that is attributable to genetic variance
proportion of observed variance in group of individuals attributable to environmental variance