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What is the difference between a phenotype and a genotype?
Phenotypes are the observable traits of an organism that arise because of the interaction between genes and the environment, and Genotypes are the genes an organism contains. Ex: Genotype: Pp Phenotype: Purple color
What kind of genotype do you need to perform a successful testcross?
a. homozygous dominant
b. homozygous recessive
c. heterozygous
d. autosomal recessive
b. homozygous recessive
What is an autosome?
A chromosome not involved with sex determination
What is epistasis?
Epistasis is a genetic condition in which certain alleles of one locus can alter the expression of alleles of a different locus
The inheritance of ABO blood antigens are explained by:
a. dominance
b. codominance
c. multiple alleles
d. polygenes
e. all of the above
f. only a b and c
f. only a b and c
Which of these different blood type combinations could not have a baby with type AB blood?
Mom Dad
a. A B
b. O AB
c. B O
d. AB A
both b and c
On a map of genes on a chromosome, would the ones farther apart be expected to have the highest frequency of recombination, or would the ones closer be expected?
The ones farther apart
What is pleiotropy?
When one gene affects more than one phenotype.
If 2 outcomes are independent, the probability that both will occur is their:
a. sum
b. quotient
c. difference
d. product
d. product
What is the Principle of Dominance, exactly how it was written in Mr. Conrad's notes?
-When two forms of the same gene are present the dominant allele is expressed
What is the definition of the Principle (or law) of Segregation?
In meiosis two alleles separate so that each gamete receives only one form of the gene.
What is the true meaning of "The Principle of Independent Assortment"?
(It is also a law) The true meaning is "Each trait is inherited independent of other traits".
What are polygenic traits? And how are they similar to dihybrid crosses?
They are traits regulated by more than one gene, each gene with its own alleles. Allele movement looks like dihybrid crosses.
What are the types of polygenic traits?
1. Complimentary Interaction
2. Suppression Epistasis
True of False:
Gametes contain half the number of chromosomes of a somatic cell.