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Compare Segregation and Independent Assortment
Segregation-homolgous chromosomes separating alleles into separate gametes.
Independent Assortment-all non-homologous chromosomes have an equally likely chance of matching with other non-homologous chromosomes
What are Genotypes and Phenotypes?
Genotype-Genetic makeup of an organism
Phenotype-Appearance as a result of the genotype
What is Linkage?
Autosomal Linkage-When alleles are on the same chromosome, the farther apart, the more likely they will show up on different chromosomes due to independent assortment.
Sex Linkage-Involves the X and Y chromosomes, and recessive traits on the X chromosome show up more often in boys.
What is Gene Expression?
Whatever the gene is coding for shows up in the phenotype.
Name examples of Gene Technology.
Genetic Engineering, Cloning, DNA Fingerprinting
What is a Plasmid?
Small ring of extra DNA not in the original sequence.
What is Genetic Engineering and how is it done?
Genetic Engineering-Changing the Genetic Makeup
This is done by inserting a DNA a sequence into a plasmid using restriction enzymes.
What are the alleles for Blood Type?
Type A=IA, IA IA or IA i
Type B=IB, IB IB or IB i
Type AB=none, IA IB
Type O=i, i i