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Which characteristic can mostly be controlled by environment and not genetics?
a) Hair Color
b) Shape of Eyes
c) Fitness
d) Skin Color
c) Fitness
A recessive genotype would be?
a) tt
b) TT
c) Tt
d) T_
a) tt
What is a phenotype?
It is an observable and inheritable trait.
Ex. short pea plant
What does DNA stand for?
deoxyribonucleic acid
A cat is homozygous for black fur and when it is mated with a female with white fur, what genotypic ratio would you expect in thier offspring?
BB: 0, Bb: 1, bb: 0
What is homozygous?
A genotype that contains the same alleles for a trait (ex. tt)
Why is DNA unique?
It is the only known molecule that is able to replicate itself.
Who studied the inheritance of traits of peas?
Gregor Mendel(1822-1884)
Each trait is inherited independent of other traits, which law does this statement represent?
a) Principle of Dominance
b) Principle of Segregation
c) Principle of Independent Assortment
d) None of the Above
c) Principle of Independent Assortment
What would be the phenotypic ratio of the offspring of a pink dog (Pp) mated with a yellow(pp) dog?
1 Pink dog : 1 Yellow dog
What is RNA?
Ribonucleic acid, A single-stranded nucleic acid used to translate the information of DNA into a protein structure.
A deletion from one area, then an insertion in another, is the definition for what type of mutation?
What is the 3' and what is the 5'?
3' is sugar, and 5' is phosphate
Which bases pair together and what kind of hydrogen bonds do they have?
Adenine and Thymine: double hydrogen bonds
Guanine and Cytosine: Triple hydrogen bonds
Who are credited in the discovery that DNA's shape is the double helix?
a) Griffith
b) Watson and Crick
c) Wilson and Franklin
d) Chargraff
b) Watson and Crick