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What does DNA make and then what does the product of that make?
DNA makes RNA and RNA makes proteins.
What is a gene?
A gene is a region of DNA that codes for a polypeptide.
What is the structure and function of proteins based on?
It is determined by the amino acid sequence.
What is transcription?
Transcription is the process of producing RNA from DNA.
What are the three steps of transcription?
1. RNA polymerase binds to DNA and causes strand separation.
2. RNA nucleotides (bases) bind to available sites on a DNA strand.
3. RNA molecules are modified and move into the cytoplasm.
What are the three stages of transcription?
The three stages of transcription are initiation, elongation, and termination.
What happens during initiation?
RNA polymerase attaches to the promoter region. It is located just before the gene to be transcribed. Initiation factors must be present.
What happens during elongation?
An RNA molecule is assembled. Primary transcript is made.
What happens during termination?
RNA polymerase reaches the terminator region and RNA polymerase and transcript are released.