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CD10+, CD19+, CD20+
Burkitt's Lymphoma, Follicular Lymphoma, DLBCL if derived from Follicular Lymphoma
t(14;19) Lymphplasmacytoid Lymphoma
CD15+, CD30+, CD45-, EBV+
Mixed Cellularity Hodgkins Lymphoma
t(14;18) Follicular Lymphoma and sometimes DLBCL
CD2+, CD3+, CD4+, CD7+, (CD4+/8+)
T Cell Prolymphocytic Leukemia
CD45-, CD15+, CD30+, EBV-
Nodular Sclerosing HL
CD11c/CD19+, CD22+, CD103+, CD25+
Hairy Cell Leukemia
CD5+, CD19+, CD20+, CD23-
Mantle Cell Lymphoma
t(3;X) Large Cell Lymphoma
CD19+, CD20+
CD20+, CD15-, CD30-, CD45+, EBV-
Nodular Lymphocytic Predominant HL
CD2+, CD3+, CD5+, CD7-
Peripheral T Cell Leukemia
t(8;14) Burkitt's Lymphoma
t(11;14) Mantle Cell Lymphoma; overexpression of cyclin D
t(2;5) Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma
t(9;22); Ph chromosome, CML (good prognosis), ALL (bad prognosis)
t(8;21); AML-M2; AML1-ETO fusion
t(12;21) B-ALL
inv(16), AML-M4
PML-RAR gene and chromosome
t(15;17) AML-M3
CD13+, CD33+
good prognosis for CLL/SLL
Good prognosis for MDS
Trisomy 12
Bad prognosis for CLL/SLL and Multiple myeloma
Del 11q
Bad prognosis for CLL/SLL
Bad prognosis for CLL/SLL and multiple myeloma
Bad prognosis for CLL/SLL
Bad prognosis for CLL/SLL
Trisomy 12, Del 11q, Del 13q, Del 17p
Bad Prognosis for CLL/SLL
Good prognosis for CLL/SLL
ZAP 70-
Good prognosis for CLL/SLL
ZAP 70+
Bad prognosis for CLL/SLL
Treatments for Hairy Cell Leukemia
IFN-alpha, Chemo with 2 cda, rituximab
Cytoplasmic mu+, CD10+/-
pre-B ALL
CD1a, CD7, cCD3
Treatment for CLL/SLL
Stain for AML
Myeloperoxidase, Sudan Black
Stain for Hairy Cell Leukemia
TRAP (acid phosphatase)
Leukemias/Lymphomas with no adenopathy
Prolymphocytic, Hairy Cell Leukemia
Precedes Adult T cell leukemia
Which lymphoma/leukemias present with eosinophilia
CML (chronic phase), Hodgkin's Lymphoma (nodular sclerosing)
CD3+, CD8+
T-Cell Large Granular Lymphocytic Leuukemia
CD16+, CD 56
NK Cell Large Granular Lymphocytic Leukemia
Alcohol induced pain
Key sx of Hodgkin's Lymphoma
Important types of NHL
Burkitt's Lymphoma
Follicular Lymphoma
Mantle Cell Lymphoma
Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma
Starry Sky Appearance
Burkitt's Lymphoma
Treatment for DLBCL
T cell non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas
Angio-Immunoblastic lymphadenopathy, Mycosis Fungoides, Sezary Syndrome, ATLL, T-cell Intestinal Lymphoma, Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma
Monosomy 13 del(13q)
Multiple Myeloma, Poor prognosis
Roleaux Formation in lymphoma/leukemia
Multiple Myeloma
monosomy 13
Poor prognosis in Multiple Myeloma and CLL/SLL
Most common Ig in Multiple Myeloma? 2nd most common?
IgG (60%), IgA (30%)
What does PML-RAR-alpha do?
In AML-M3, it acts as a transcriptional repressor --> arrest of cellular differentiation
Another name for CBF-alpha.
AML1. It combines with ETO in AML-M2. (AML is on chromosome 21, ETO is on 8). Fuses to TEL on chromosome 12 in ALL.
Another name for CBF-beta
What role does immunidifficiency play in NHL?
B cell lymphomas at unusual sites (like CNS)
Gluten-induced enteropathy
T cell lymphoma
Role of EBV with leukemia/lymphomas?
Burkitt's Lymphoma
Same as tissue phase of CLL
SLL (lymphocytic lymphoma)
What do Marginal Zone lymphomas arise from?
Often inflammatory or auto-immune d/o
What can DLBCL arise from
Marginal Zone lymphoma or Follicular lymphoma
What is another name for marginal zone lymphomas
What is EBV associated with
Burkitt's Lymphoma, DLBCL, Hodgkin's (all but lympho predominant)
Is Sezary Syndrome B or T Cell?
T Cell
What are the 3 important diagnostic features found in multiple myeloma?
Lytic bone lesions
Bence-Jones proteins in urine, or mAB in serum
Increased plasma cells in BM (>20%)
2 of the 3 must be present
What do multiple myeloma cells secrete that leads to bone complications?
OAF (osteoclast activating factor) - contributes to bone lesions
TNF - contributes to bone lesions
Multiple Myeloma; poor prognosis
What activates the osteoclasts in multiple myeloma?
MIP-1-alpha and RANKL (cytokines that are osteoclast activating factors)
Main Features of MDS?
Trilineage dyspoiesis
Ringed sideroblasts
Ineffective hematopoiesis
BM fibrosis
Abnormal MK
How many blasts = low risk MDS? High risk MDS?
when is Sezary syndrome seen?
Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia
feature of Lymphoplasmacytoid lymphoma
see monoclonal IgM
which cancer has overexpressions of cyclin D1
what is the gene rearrangement
Mantle Cell lymphoma
tx for DLBCL
mycosis funguoides
type of T cel, NHL
morph of mycosis fungoides
epidermis and dermis infiltrated by neoplastic T cells with cerebriform nuclei
bone lesions in Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia
clover leaf nuclei seen in?
adult T cell leukemia/lymphoma
What is plasmacytoid lymphocyte
B cell neoplasm of lymphoid cells of an intermediate stage between lymphos and plasma cells
hyperviscosity syndrome
complication seen in Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia
results from marked increase in IgM
most common form of NHL
follicular lymphoma
Marker on RS cells
CD 15