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Sodium bicarb
buffers H and increases pH
Dextrose 50%
reverse hypoglycemia
Acts on limbic, hypo/thalamus to produce calming./ Decrease seizures thresh./sedative.
inhibits electrolyte reabsorption in ascending loop
Dexamethasone sodium phosphate
improves lung and myocardial performance
Calcium chloride
increases Ca levels / stimulates release of catecholamines / pos inotropic, automaticity / inhibits adenosine
Ipratropium bromide
anticholinergic inhibits vagal reflexes by blocking ach
smooth muscle relaxer/decreases preload/increase blood flow myocardium
activated charcoal
prevents reduces absorption of toxins
slows conduction av node, slows sinus rate, dec bp by dec peripheral resistance
atropine sulfate
pos ino, dromo,chronotropic/dec mucus prod/ dec GI
inhibits electrolyte reabsorption in ascending loop excretion Na,K,CL
reverse hypoglycemia glycogen in liver to glucose
acetylsalicylic acid, aspirin, asa
blocks thromboxane A2/ decrease platelet aggregation
albuterol sulfate
B agonist (primarily B2) lungs/vascular/uterus relaxation
magnesium sulfate
reduces cardiac irritability/ enhance K replenishment/ reduces ventricular irritability
ntirous oxide
clearly obvious tard
thiamin, HCL (B1)
reqd for carb metabolism. Deficiency causes anemia, polyneuritis, wernicks encephalopathy, cardiomyopathy
methyprednisolone sodium succinate
complex reactions in target cells = anti inflamm and immunosuppressive
verapamil, HCL
Blocks Ca influx into cardiac/smoothe muscle resulting in depressent inotropy. Lowered contractile tone results in coronary/peripheral vasodilation. Slows conduction and prolongs refractory period in AC node. Decreases myocardial contractile force and av conduction
diphenhydramine HCL
blocks histamine recp. / increase cap perm. And decrease vasodilation/prevent brochospasm. Some anti ach effet
ab agonist.
naloxone HCL
competitive inhibition narcotic receptors
binds receptor sites on uterine. Increase force and freq contractions
morphine sulfate
alleviates pain, raises pain threshold. Depress cns and respiratory centers. Histamine release
2-10 mcg:b1 stim 10-20 mcg:adrenergic vasoconstriction raises BP
lowers automaticity by slowing rate of spont. Phase 4 depoloritzation. Increases vent. Fib. Threshhold
phenylephrine spray
stim a recept. To cause constriction bv in nasal mucosa
midazolam hydrochloride
cns inhibitory thru GABA. Sedative, hypnotic, anti convulsant.