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# 10 Blade

For making skin incision, attaches to a # 3 handle.
#11 Blade

Used for making incisions for laparoscopic trocars.
#15 Blade

Multi-purpose blade, used on the #3 or the #7 handle.
#3 Knife Handle

Used w/ the 10, 11, & 15 blades.
#7 Knife Handle

Use w/ a 15 blade
Adson w/ Teeth
(skin forceps)

Used for grasping, common forcep for use in skin suturing.
Adson Brown Forceps

Used for grasping, commonly used in cosmetic & ENT surgery.
Bonney Forceps

Heavy pickup used for grasping the fascia to close the peritoneum.
Debakey Forceps

Used to grasp more delicate structures such as vessels, bowel, and soft tissue
Rat Toothed Forceps
(Toothed Pickups)

Commonly used to grasp bone or when closing the belly button site for laparoscopic surgery
Russian Forceps

Atraumatic multipurpose grasper

Used for grasping soft tissue

Used for grasping soft tissue, lymph nodes, and bowel tissue

Larger than a Kelly and the same size as a Pean, the Carmault w/ its characteristic jaws is used to clamp bowel

The most basic of the clamps, multi-purpose
Mosquito Clamp

Used for clamping and dissection, smaller than the Kelly pictured above it, the Mosquito has a similar jaw.
Right Angle

Often used to pass things under structures or separate and dissect soft tissue structures
Sponge Stick

Often has a Ratex (sponge) folded in the jaw for blunt dissection & dabbing in abdominal surgeries

Used with silk or vicryl to tie off the end for ligating structures.
Towel Clamp

Used for grasping skin and clamping towels/drapes
Non-perforating Towel Clamp

Used to clamp surgical drapes

Used for exposing superficial wound

Used for deep retraction
Senn Retractor
(Senn Rake)

Available with sharp or dull teeth, used to expose superficial wounds

Used for retracting superficial tissue
Isreal retractor
(Isreal rake)

Used for retracting deep tissue, also used in orthopedic surgery
Bodywall retractor
(Mayo Bodywall)

Used for large open abdominal surgeries
Richardson retractor

Common retractor available in double and single ended and a variety of sizes

Self retaining retractor available in various sizes and with sharp or dull teeth
Curved Mayo scissors

Larger blades than Metzenbaums and often used for cutting tough tissue
Straight Mayo scissors

Multi-purpose scissor, most often used for cutting suture
Electrocautery Pencil (ESU)

Cuts and coagulates tissue, requires a grounding pad for the patient
Poole Suction

Used for suctioning large volumes of irrigation fluid from the abdominal cavity
Yankauer Suction

Common general suction tip for suctioning blood, fluids, and smoke
Mayo Needle Holder
(Needle Driver)

Most common used needle holder for holding heavy suture needles
Laparoscopic Trocar

Used for introduction of the port into the abdomen but then removed to allow instruments to be passed through
Laparoscopic Grasper
(Debakey Grasper)

Used for grasping bowel
Laparoscopic Curved Dissector
(Maryland Grasper, Dolphin Nose)

Can be attached to cautery cord and often used to ligate and dissect during cholecystectomy surgery
Gelpi Retractor

Self-retaining, used for superficial wound exposure

Used for grasping heavy tissue or bone