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What are the abdominal wall layers, from superficial to deep?
• Skin
• Sub-q fat (Camper's fascia)
• Scarpa’s fascia (fibrous, dense layer)
• External Oblique
• Internal Oblique
• Transversus abdominus
• Transversalis fascia
• Peritoneal fat
• Peritoneum
Where do the striations from the external and internal oblique insert?
at the pubic tubercle
The aponeurosis of which muscle forms the inguinal ligament?
external oblique muscle
The inguinal ligament is suspended between which two structures?
• anterior superior iliac spine
• pubic tubercle
Continuations of the aponeurosis of this muscle forms the pectineal (Cooper's ligament) and the anterior femoral sheath?
transverse abdominus muscle
The fusion of what two strcutures form the posterior inguinal wall?
• transversus abdominus
• underlying trasversalis fascia
What is the most common hernia in females?
femoral hernias
What causes umbilical hernias?
incomplete closure of the umbilicus when resected at birth
True/False: Umbilical hernias usually herniate superior to the umbilicus
The correct answer is: True
What is the most common cause of bowel obstruction in people who have not had previous abdominal surgery?
incarceration of a hernia
What are signs and symptoms of a strangulated hernia?
• erythema of the overlying skin
• fever
• elevated WBC count
An examiner has their finger in the inguinal ring. What portion of the finger will touch bowel for a patient with an indirect inguinal hernia?
the tip of the finger
Indirect inguinal hernias in males more commonly occur on what side?
right side (due to delayed descent of the right testicle)
What congenital malformation can cause the development of indirect hernias?
patent processus vaginalis
Which type of hernia appears rapidly and can disappear without requiring reduction when the patient is supinie?
direct inguinal hernia
What is the typical age of a patient with an indirect inguinal hernia? with a direct inguinal hernia?
• indirect: usually < 50 y/o (young man's hernia)
• direct: usually > 50 y/o (old man's hernia)
In which type of hernia is strangulation very rare?
direct inguinal hernia
Direct inguinal hernias hit which side of your finger (when it is through the inguinal canal)?
the side
What is the etiology for a femoral hernia?
• a short medial attachment of the transversus abdominus muscle onto Cooper's ligament
• results in an enlarged femoral ring
How are all groin hernias repaired surgically?
• reduce any abdominal viscus to the abdominal cavity
• create a new, tension-free inguinal floor
• reform a snug abdominal ring
What is the most common cause of incisional hernias?
deep wound infection