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members assigned to the field are unable to report to work on time notify_____ or the ______.
delayed reporting for duty shall be ________.
a 3rd awol violation will constitute a 3-day suspension. true or false?
false--60 day and or dismissal
the daily roster will be set how many hours in advance?
members who submit a letter of refusal to act one year prior to a promotional exam will be eligible to participate in such exam. true or false?
the committee that approves or disapproves of refusals to act consist of what members?
2 union appointees
2 city appointees
and a 5th at large person picked by the 4 members
what is the minimum staffing number for suppression?
what are maximum staffing totals in suppression?
what is the total staffing numbers for rescue?
overtime will be paid to the nearest_____ hour.
tenth 4-6 minutes.
members failing to report for duty at the proper time without notification will be carried as _______or ________.
tardy or awol
if a suppression staffing is above minimum the vacancy will be filled in as overtime. true or false?
false-vacancy fill in procedure will be utilized
a minimum of 2 promoted battalion commanders and/or promotional list members must be on duty. true or false?
in station TUF will be utilized for filling vacancies at the commander level. true or false.
vacancies not filled in by promotional list lieutenants will be filled by Lieutenants who are eligible to upgrade based on the number of upgrade hours. true or false?
true-first by in station , then by in region, and by in agency.
any member that is paid at an overtime rate will be charged the hours in their overtime totals. this does not include holdover and CTA? true or false?
false-holdover and cta are included.
dead line for signing up or removing a sign up code is ____ hours before afected shift.
overtime is usually called when manning is at minimum staffing. true or false?
overtime call times>
2000 hrs(night befoe the shift): for the (24)hour shift of day shift.
1400hrs for night shift.
All Fire Fighters will retain their respective overtime hours, even if promoted to a
different rank. Overtime hours will be zeroed out on January 1st of each year. true or false?
Once available staffing goes below minimum (123 total; [4 person Engines, 3
person Ladders, 2 person Haz-Mat Squads, 4 person HTR Squad, and 4
Commanders]): upgrading will cease. true of false?
suppression overtime call up order:
Call twenty-four (24) hour sign ups.
Step 2: If there are no more twenty-four (24) hour sign ups; the
vacancy will be split into a ten (lO)-hour shift and a fourteen (14) hour shift.
Step 3: If the vacancy is still not filled, an on duty fire fighters will
be upgraded (first by promotional list members in list placement order; then by
members who are eligible to upgrade based on the number of upgrade hours,
first by in-station upgrades; then by in-region upgrades; and finally by in-
agency upgrades.) The overtime will be worked at the new vacancy.
Step 4: If after all attempts no replacement is found, the fire fighter
where the vacancy exists will be held over.
what is the worst case scenario in the inability to fill a vacant position.
the fire fighter that does not have a relief will be held over.
true or false: at no time will a rescue be without an officer or acting officer.
`As with any type of leave, an employee must give advance notice requesting leave
and obtain approval, except in emergencies. An employee must give at least ____days written notice before leave starts. If notice
is not possible, notice is expected as soon as practical.
If the City designates paid or unpaid leave as FMLA leave, without the
employee's request for FMLA leave, the employee may dispute this designation by
supplying a medical certificate from the health care provider. true or false?
If both the husband and wife or domestic partner work for the City, they may take
only a combined total of (10) weeks in any twelve (12) month period for the
birth or placement of a child, or to care for a parent (not a parent-on-law) who has a
serious health condition. true or false.
false-12 week period
If an employee does not return to work after the leave entitlement has
expired, the employee may be required to reimburse the City for any health
insurance premiums paid by the City during the period the employee was on
family or medical leave if the failure to return to work is not due to the
continuation, recurrence, or onset of the serious health condition entitling the
employee to leave or other circumstances beyond the employee's control. true or false?
If the Fire Chief decides not to hear an appeal, the decision of the
Review Board is final and is not grievable. true or false?
Personnel Rules
& Regulations, 402.3,
Merit System Ordinance, Section 2-1-18,
IAFF Local 244 Contract, Article 18,
AFSCME Local 624 Contract, Section 26,
AFSCME Local 2962 Contract, Section 27, all are in reference to what?
leave with out pay
1. Submit all the travel receipts to the _______ Coordinator within two (2) weeks of
completing travel. If not, the full amount of the advance and a ________ penalty will be
deducted from the employee's next payroll check.
Submit all receipts within (3) weeks of completing the travel to the Travel
Coordinator. true or false?
false-2 weeks
Vacation schedules shall be governed by seniority in grade for Drivers,
lieutenants, Captains and Commanders. Time on the department shall determine
seniority for Fire Fighters. The bidding will be city wide on shift (12 slots total for the Field). true or false?
false-16 slots
Division Commanders will be responsible to organize and conduct vacation
allotments for their respective division. true or false?
Officers, Drivers and Fire Fighters may schedule up to __ total
scheduled vacation periods between the "first" and the "second" bids.
The Fire Prevention Bureau may schedule up to three (3) members,
regardless of rank, for vacation. true or false
The Fire Communications Division may schedule two (2) member,
regardless of rank, to go on vacation.
Eligible fire fighters (not on sick leave restriction) may be allowed twelve (12)
hours per year of personal time. true or false?
Level I Staging
Level I Staging is automatically in effect for all incidents involving three or more
Level II Staging should be implemented.
for all greater alarm incidents, first alarm
medical or hazardous materials incidents, or other incidents in which Command desire
to centralize resources or simply to park apparatus in a central, unobstructed location.
Due to the limited number of ladder companies, a ladder officer will transfer
responsibility for Staging to the first arriving engine company officer. true or false?
First due companies approaching the scene with any evidence of a working fire in a structure should lay their own supply line. in most cases is this statement true or false?
Fire stream Characteristics and Considerations:
*Solid/straight Streams: Greater penetration, reach and striking power. Less steam
*Fog: Increased heat absorption/expansion. Shorter reach. Most effective in
confined spaces (indirect attacks).
Choose the proper sized attack hoseline:

inch and 3/4 Lines: Fast, mobile, greater volume, 175 GPM.

2 and 1/2 Lines: Slow/difficult to move. Volume at 250 GPM.

Elevated Master Stream: Mostly stationary, slow to set up - maximum water, 500
to 1000 GPM.
Engine mounted master streams: Fast, large volume, great reach and penetration,
500 to 1000 GPM.
in automobile fires:When rescue is not a factor, first water should be applied for several seconds to
extinguish fire or cool down the area around any fuel tanks or fuel systems. This is
especially important if the fuel tanks are Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) or Liquid
Natural Gas (LNG). true or false?
direct hose stream into tank, as this will decrease pressurization of tank, in a car fire. true or false?
false. Do not direct hose stream into tank, as
this will cause pressurization of tank, with a possible result of burning fuel spewing from the tank fill opening.
All uniformed members of the AFD shall have the following training to participate in the
AFD wildland firefighting program.
I-100 as specified in NFPA 1051
S-130 National Wildfire Coordinating Group
S-190 National Wildfire Coordinating Group
S-131 National Wildfire Coordinating Group
a pack test of 2 miles 25lbs in 30 minutes is considered:
a. arduous?
b. moderate?
c. light?
b. moderate
what is a level 1 wildland response?
a single engine company response to a small grass or shrub fire.
what is a level 2 wildland response?
all units from the closest wildland station, the closest brush truck and the Battalion Commander from that District.
Fire spread will usually slow down from evening to early morning as HUMIDITY INCREASES
and increase during the midmorning hours as the HUMIDITY DECREASES. true or false?
what are the Wildland Stations in each District:
District One: Station #1, Station 2, Station #10, and Station #29
District Two: Station #11, and Station #20
District Three: Station #8, Station 12, and Station #16 District Four:
Station #7, Station #17, and Station #27
how fast can water travel through our arroyo' speed.
> 10 mph
> 11mph
> 25mph
>35 mph
35 mph
The following Stations have been designated as Swiftwater Rescue Task Forces:
4,8,9, 5, 12, 13, 15, 19,20, and 29 true or false?
false- all but station 5
Designation of Condition: The patient is unconscious and apneic. Field Treatment
If trauma suspected, protect C-spine. Open airway using appropriate technique. Suction as needed. Assess and treat for
foreign body airway obstruction. Insert oral/nasal airway and ventilate with 100% O2/BVM. ? If no response, and gag reflex is absent, consider Combi-tube (multi-lumen) airway, if
equipped. ? If Combi-tube has been utilized, frequently reassess lung and abdominal sounds and
inflation of pilot tubes during transport and after movement of patient. Note whether
Combi-tube has been placed in the esophagus or the trachea, and communicate this
information to the arriving ALS crew.
what is the dosage albuterol that basics can adminster to children <2yrs of age?
2.5mg in ns
Designation of Condition: Patient may present with an altered mental state, confused, agitated, unconscious or seizing.
Field Treatment:
ABC’s, High flow Oxygen.
Check BGL.
If less than 60 mg/dl administer oral glucose. Administer only if patient is conscious and
able to swallow solution without difficulty.
superior ambulance is not allowed to transport patients who have been entered into the 911 system unless available resources arrival time is greater than 15 minutes. true or false?
false: they are 2 activate the 911 system and wait for appropriate als transport
Full thickness injuries of less than 10% body surface area are considered severe burns? true or false?
false: considerde moderate burns
In the event ambulance personnel and fire personnel arrive on scene simultaneously, the patient shall pick who they want to treat them. true or false?
the fire department paramedic will assume charge of patient care until the patient is
transferred to the transport ambulance.
Steps for Managing Performance at work according to performance rules and regulations.
. Letter of Instruction
. Letter of Cautionary Advisement
Progressive Discipline
. Reprimand (verbal or written)
. Suspension
. Demotion
. Termination of Employment
Verbal Reprimand
is generally used when a problem persists after the supervisor has brought it to the employee's attention through coaching/counseling. The purpose of this step is to alleviate any misunderstanding and to clarify
the direction for necessary and successful correction of the problem.
An employee cannot receive one level of discipline and then
later be given a more severe discipline for the same problem.this is called what?
double jeopardy
what is the purpose of sog's?
The purpose of the Fire Chiefs Executive Directives is to provide policies and other procedures
for activities which are not addressed by other rules and regulations.
what is a BAT?
Breath Alcohol Technician
Employees are reminded that all messages, files and user actions are subject to
monitoring. There is no expectation of personal privacy either expressed or
implied when using or accessing City IT resources. true or false?
the first fire department member or unit to arrive at the scene shall assume Command
of the incident. The initial Incident Commander shall remain in Command until
Command is transferred or the incident is stabilized and terminated. what is this process called?
Establishing Command
The Radio Report shall include what 8 points when arriving on a fire incident.
1.Unit designation of the unit arriving on the scene.
2.A brief description of the incident situation, (i.e., building size, occupancy, Haz-Mat
release, multi-vehicle accident, etc.).
3.Obvious conditions (working fire, Haz-Mat spill, multiple patients, etc.).
4.Brief description of action taken.
5.Declaration of Strategy (this applies to structure fires).
6.Any obvious safety concerns.
7.Assumption, identification, and location of Command.
8.Assume and announce accountability location.
Command shall not be passed to an officer who is not on the scene. true or false?
Assumption of Command is discretionary for Deputy Chiefs and the Fire Chief. true or false
command team consists of what persons?
senior advisor
support officer
incident commander
The basic configuration of Command includes three levels:
Strategic level:
overall direction of the incident
Tactical level:
Assigns operational objectives
Task level:
specific tasks assigned to companies
Offensive, Defensive, or Rescue in Progress
Determining the appropriate strategy
Establish overall incident objectives.
Setting priorities.
Develop an incident action plan.
Obtaining and assigning resources.
Predicting outcomes and planning.
Assigning specific objectives to tactical level units, is in what level of the incident command?
strategic level
Branch Directors and Sector Officers who are in charge of Sectored resources, fall under what command level?
tactical level
assigning floor sectors in a high rise building is a tactical assignment? true or false
directors fall into the branch division. true or false?
Title that refers to a position with supervision and management responsibility of either a Sector of resources or a unit such as Ground Support, Medical,
Supply, etc.
unit leader.
Engine company, truck company with a company officer and crew are referred to as single resources in the incident command realm? true or false
During the initial phases of the incident the Incident Commander normally carries out
these four section functions.
1. Operations
2. Planning
3. Logistics
4. Finance/Administration
The Planning Section is responsible for gathering, assimilating, analyzing, and
processing information needed for effective decision making. true or false?