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Front Mu Si
Ren 4
Front Mu Heart
Ren 14
Front Mu PC
Ren 17
Xi cleft SJ
SJ 7
Front Mu LI
St 25
Front Mu SJ
Ren 5
Front Mu St
Ren 12
Front Mu Sp
Liv 13
Front Mu Liv
Liv 14
Front Mu GB
GB 24
Xi Cleft SI
SI 6 Yangloa (blurry vision, shoulder ache)
Xi Cleft HT
HT 6
Xi Cleft PC
PC 4
Xi Cleft Lu
Lu 6
Xi Cleft Li
Li 7
Yuan Source SI
SI 4
Yuan Source HT
HT 7
Yuan Source PC
PC 7 (Daling - cardiac pain, gastric pain, mental disorders)
Yuan Source Lu
Lu 9 Taiyuan (asthma, cough, sore throat, palpitations)
Yuan Source Li
Li 4 Hegu (headache, constipation)
Yuan Source SJ
SJ 4
Luo Connecting Si
SI 7 (On the line joining SI 5 and SI 8, 5 cun proximal to the dorsal crease of the wrist)
Luo Connecting Ht
Ht 5
Luo Connecting PC
Pc 6 Neiguan (cardiac pain, gastrick pain, mental disorders)
Luo Connecting Lu
Lu 7 Lieque (neck rigidity, cough)
Luo Connecting Li
Li 6 Pianli (deafness, edema, aching hand)
Luo Connecting SJ
SJ 5 Waiguan (febrile disease, headache, deafness)
He sea SI
Si 8
He sea Ht
Ht 3
He sea PC
PC 3
He sea Lu
Lu 5 Chize (cough, asthma, fullness of chest)
He sea LI
LI 11
He sea SJ
SJ 10
MP Ren Mai
Lung 7
MP Du Mai
Small Intestine 3
MP Chong Mai
Spleen 4
MP Dai Mai
Gall bladder 41
MP Yin Qiao Mai
Kidney 6
MP Yang Qiao Mai
Bladder 62
MP Yin Wei Mai
Pericardium 6
MP Yang Wei Mai
San Jiao 5