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This service should not be used:
1. For interpretation for _____-speaking persons. ________-speaking employees are available on each shift and throughout the Department.
2. When other means are available, unless this would _________ the investigation.
3. For ____ interrogations, confessions, or statements.
Spanish, spanish, jeopardize, long
Provide the interpreter service with the agency identification number/code if required, the requestor’s ________ ______ and the language required
employee number
Qualified interpreters for the hearing impaired are available at all hours. Instructions for obtaining their services are available through Communications, the _______ _____ , Centralized Investigations and _______ ________
Booking Desk; Municipal Court
If a police officer needs to interview a suspect with a hearing impairment to determine if there is ________ _____ to make an arrest, an interpreter must be provided if _______ _______is ineffective
probable cause; written communication
When an officer cannot wait until an interpreter arrives, the following procedures apply:
1. Minor offenses: postpone the _______ and ______until able to return to the scene with an interpreter. If an interpreter is unavailable or the officer cannot return, the officer must ________ the investigation as completely as possible and file the appropriate reports.
interview and arrest; document
Serious offenses: before leaving the scene, contact a ________. The supervisor will decide if __________ should be called in to wait for an interpreter.
supervisor; an investigator
If an officer cannot inform the arrestee of the ________ ________ without the use of an interpreter, then the officer must secure ________ before any interrogation.
Miranda warnings ; an interpreter
Hearing impaired suspects must be provided an interpreter before any interrogation whenever one is needed for __________ ________. If exigent circumstances do not allow a delay in the interrogation of the arrestee, and an interpreter cannot be located within a reasonable period, the officer may go on with the interrogation only if:
a. The arrestee can understand the _______ _______ as given; and
b. The arrestee specifically _______ the opportunity to have an interpreter present.
effective communication; Miranda warnings ; declines
Serious Offenses
When the victim or witness with a hearing impairment is critical to establishing _______ _____for an arrest or for completing the investigation, the investigating officer must contact the appropriate supervisor before leaving the scene.
probable cause
The Victim Services Division was created in _____ to respond to crime victims’ psychological and emotional needs
The overall mission of the Victim Services Division is to positively _____ the _______ __ ____for the residents of Austin by assisting victims/survivors, and families/neighborhoods who have experienced crime and/or trauma
impact; quality of life
The APD Victim Services Division Crisis Team will automatically be dispatched on the following call types:
1. Homicides, suicides and attempted suicides,_____ deaths, _______ collisions
child; fatality
The APD Victim Services Division Crisis Team will automatically be dispatched on the following call types:
_________ assaults (child, family or adult); family violence, _______/_____ abuse or neglect
Aggravated ;child/elderly
The APD Victim Services Division Crisis Team will automatically be dispatched on the following call types:

4. Mentally ill persons where a ________ is requested;
5. Hostage/barricade incident and ____/___________ call outs;
crisis intervention officer (CIT); SWAT/hostage negotiator
When the Crisis Team is dispatched or responds to an incident and the scene is ________ _____, the counselor will:
1. Immediately notify the officer or detective in charge that the ____ is present;
2. Respond to requests for assistance;
3. Stand by for the officer or detective to complete his/her contact and _______ the victims and/or witnesses to the team
deemed safe; team; release
Crisis Team members will be left at the scene with victims and witnesses only if the officer or detective and ______ agree the scene is safe.
B. Victim Services Division provides _____ _______services in conjunction with the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office and the appropriate investigative unit
death notification
D. Upon request, Victim Services Division may provide assistance to other law enforcement and criminal justice agencies as well as various state and federal agencies. These services are normally requested when the other agency’s resources have been __________ or need to be supplemented due to a mass disaster, or mass casualty offense (this includes assistance for victims, survivors and first responders).
1. The __________, an assistant chief, or in their absence the ____ ________ , approves requests of this nature
overwhelmed; Chief of Police; duty commander
NO person under the age of __________ will be permitted to ride as an observer in a police unit at any time unless prior approval has been granted by the _____________
eighteen (18); Chief of Police
Observers may ride a maximum of __________ per month. This may be in any area command of choice, or if no preference is indicated, as assigned by an area lieutenant. Additional rides within the same month must be approved in writing by the affected ____ __________.
one (1) time; area commander
City council members, personnel from the ________ ________ office, and off-duty ____ ____________ are exempt from this limitation to the number of times they may ride per month.
City Manager's; APD employees
NO riding assignments of members of the opposite sex (including spouses) will be made without the approval of the on-duty area _____ _______or ____ _________. Approval will be indicated by signature in the appropriate block on APD Form 94 -- Request for Approval to Ride in an Austin Police Department Unit.
field lieutenant ; area commander
Persons requesting to ride in a police unit who are found to have a _____ will not be allowed to ride without the approval of the on-duty area field _________ or ______ __________
CCH (criminal history); lieutenant; area commander
APD personnel who receive an inquiry from the public, or who have a spouse or guest who wishes to ride in an Austin Police Department unit will:

1. Provide the person with the administrative _____ ________of the area command in which he/she wishes to ride.
2. Advise him/her of the restrictions, prohibitions and _____ ____ for observers
phone number; dress code
Shift supervisors receiving Form 94 requests will:

1. Review the form for ____________;

2. Assign the rider to an officer (of the _____ _____unless approved by the area lieutenant or area commander);
completeness; same sex
Shift supervisors receiving Form 94 requests will:

3. Ensure the rider is in compliance with the police observer ____ ____;
a. If not in compliance, the shift supervisor will advise the rider that he/she will not be permitted to ride and that he/she must reschedule with the area _____ ___________.
dress code; field lieutenant
Shift supervisors receiving Form 94 requests will:

5. Ensure the rider ____ and ____ the form;
6. ____ and _____ the form, indicating approval
signs; dates; Sign; date
Completed Form 94s will be forwarded to the appropriate area command administrative associate for entry into the APD-Public Folder __ _____ _______.
NT Rider Database
There are no riding restrictions governing commissioned peace officers from other law enforcement agencies while they are engaged in ______ ________ with APD officers.

1. If such officers desire to ride merely as off-duty __________, they must comply with ________ set out in this policy
active operations; observers; regulations
Personnel (both ) from other law enforcement agencies may ride with on-duty non-sworn Austin Police Department personnel only if:

1. They are engaged in _____ ________ with our Department (i.e., training, familiarization, etc.); and

2. The request has been approved by __ __________ ______ or designee
sworn and non-sworn; active operations; an assistant chief
1. On-duty non-sworn employees, when assigned by their __________ and with approval of the appropriate on-duty _____ ___________, may ride with officers for the purpose of ___________/___________
supervisor; field lieutenant; familiarization/training
Off-duty non-sworn employees wishing to ride will comply with all provisions of this policy except:

a. Employees will complete only the “_____, Date of Birth, ____, and Sex” sections of the Form 94, and place their ________ and employee number in the “________” box. The form will then be routed as for all other riders, and the data entered into the Rider Database for tracking purposes
Name; Race; signature; Address
Off-duty non-sworn employees wishing to ride will comply with all provisions of this policy except:

b. Dress code will be as prescribed in Department policy for non-sworn employees in ____________ assignments.
A. All media riders must be coordinated through the ________ ________ _______.

1. The _______ _______ _______will approve APD-issued media credentials for members of the media. Upon the initial request to ride, credentialed members of the media will complete Form 94 and receive a ________ ________check from the area command selected.
Public Information Office; Public Information Office ; criminal history
(Media Riders) If the applicant is approved to ride by the ____ _______, PIO will maintain the media rider’s approved criminal history status in a database for a period of ____ ______. Subsequent requests to ride during this period will require the area _________ approval only.
area commander; one (1) year; commander’s
Media riders encountering _____ ______or police incidents will be considered _______ members of the media in accordance with B304 Public Information and Media Relations, O4. “News Media Rights and Privileges.
crime scenes; working
Police observers will:

c. Not be allowed into a private residence during the execution of a _______ __ ______ __________.
search or arrest warrant.
Dress Code for Police Observers (contained in Police Observer Information Form – See front page of figure 1, of this document.)

e. Clothing bearing any sign or symbol that _________ any product, business or _________ will not be worn.
f. Clothing with ______ designs, logos, letters or devices is prohibited
advertises; organization; offensive
If police observers violate any portion(s) of the prohibited acts or dress code sections of this policy, or their behavior prevents officers with whom they are riding from doing their job effectively, the following will occur:

The officer to whom the observer was assigned will complete a ________ detailing the actions of the police observer. The memorandum will then be forwarded to the affected ____ _______.
memorandum; area commander
________ __________are situations, generally of an emergency nature, which potentially are of such significant magnitude that they necessitate the recall of personnel, or requests for support from other agencies, in order to protect life and property, _______ __________, and restore order.
Unusual occurrences ; prevent escalation
_________ _________result from natural disasters, man-made disasters and ______ __________. This policy establishes procedures for initial response, assessment, and containment of such unusual occurrences.
Unusual occurrences ;civil disturbances
"___- ______ _________" means the threat to public safety created by fire, conventional or nuclear explosion, air crash, accidents involving hazardous materials, train mishaps, and/or utility outages or shortages.
Man-made disaster
“________ ____” mean maps detailing a position or area with respect to conditions and circumstances at a man-made or natural disaster. Included on situation maps are characteristics such as ______ and ______ to a specific area, topographical features, ______ information and other features significant to a site of a man-made or natural disaster
Situation maps; ingress; egress; utility
Ultimately, an incident commander is a ________ who has complete authority for conducting the overall operation.
“_________ ____” helps the incident commander with the vital tasks of commanding the operation, maintaining a system of communications, acquiring additional __________ and _________, accumulating, utilizing and disseminating __________ information, and coordinating efforts with law enforcement and other agencies. Deactivation of the command post will be by order of the incident commander
Command post; personnel and equipment; intelligence
F. The duty commander will make a determination to implement the Police Department’s Emergency Operations Procedure. In the event the incident has escalated to the degree requiring multiple ____ departments and resources, the City of Austin will most likely implement the City’s Emergency Operations Master Plan
There are three types of alerts:

___________ Alert:
________ Alert:
Stand-by ;Mobilization; Practice
Stand-by alert:
Personnel may be ordered to remain in the ____ or available at their recorded _________ _______ and by _____ for mobilization during a specified period
City; telephone number; pager
Mobilization Alert:
Personnel may be called and ordered to report to the ________ ____
staging area
Practice Alert:
The efficiency of the alert and mobilization plan may be tested by calling a practice alert. Practice alerts will only be called when authorized by the ______________
Chief of Police
Types of Mobilization:

_________ mobilization:

______ mobilization
Partial; Total
Staging Area
1. The ______ staging area will be identified in the alert notification page.
a. An alternate staging area will be identified if for any reason the primary site becomes ________.
primary; untenable
Transportation of personnel from the staging area to the incident location may be accomplished by use of:
a. ______ vehicles assigned to the Police Department;
b. ______ police units; and
Various; Unmarked; Buses
Duties of Alerted Personnel
A. Notification
1. The alert notification will specify the type of alert being called. On receipt of notification, personnel will report by the _____ _________ means to the ________ ____.
most expeditious ;staging area.
Employees unable to respond will notify their _________ immediately.
a. If employees are unable to respond due to _________ limitations, supervisors will determine if resources are available to provide transportation for the employees to the staging area.
supervisor; vehicular
Duties of Alerted Personnel:

The uniform will be ______ __ _____ ______or Class __, unless _____ __ ____ _______ is specified in the alert notification
Class II long sleeve ; IV; Class II long sleeve
Duties of Alerted Personnel:

Supplemental Equipment

1. Supplemental equipment such as small arms ammunition, chemical munitions, impact munitions, special weapons, ____ ______, gas masks and _______ equipment will be issued as needed at the staging area.
face shields; communications
Duties of Alerted Personnel:

Any authorization for the use of ___-______ personal weapons, shotguns, and rifles will be given at the time of alert notification. Such weapons will not be used without ___________.
non-issue ;authorization
Duties of Alerted Personnel:
Arrest Procedures
A. In instances that may result in the physical arrest of a ______ ______of persons, an arrest detail will be organized to work in conjunction with field personnel on the scene. Assignments will be made through the _________ _________ __________ commander
large number ;Centralized Investigations Division
APD’s objective in responding to Swift Water/Flooding incidents is to safely _______ victims from the danger of swift water or flooding while keeping the _______ of responders and citizens at a premium. These situations are inherently dangerous. The possibility of a rescuer becoming a _______ is ever present and should be considered at all times
remove ;safety; victim
Water rescue is normally a technical rescue to be accomplished only by a swift water rescue special _______ team. Officers first arriving on scene will only initiate a water rescue after thorough _____/_______analysis.
operations; risk/benefits
A water rescue should not be undertaken unless victim’s lives are in ________ ______ or conditions are rapidly deteriorating and it is unlikely that any immediate assistance will be available from a swift water rescue team
immediate peril
During a swift water incident, officers onscene should request the ____ Special Operations Team be dispatched if not already dispatched.
Arrival On scene.
a. Park vehicle out of potentially vulnerable areas should rising water become more widespread.
b. Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s) will be worn at all times by all personnel at water rescue incidents.
c. Keep personnel and citizens without PFD’s a minimum of __ _____away from the waters edge
15 feet
Assess the situation: Victim status and water conditions.
a. Constantly monitor situation. If at all possible delay initiating rescue operation until specially trained swift water unit arrives.
(i.)Risk/benefits analysis: ____ safety issues (victim and officers); risks of _________
Life; initiating
___________ initial response to reported hazardous material incidents, bomb threats, found explosive devices or potential ____ incidents is essential to ensure that appropriate and adequate _________ are deployed to contain and investigate the incident.
Controlled ; CBRN; resources
Haz-Mat Response:

The _________ ______ ________on the scene will be responsible for determining the scene control and scene processing needs, and expedite the response of needed resources.
ranking police officer
. The necessity of cleaning up small or incidental spills of hydrocarbon fuel or _______ will be evaluated. The prime consideration will be the _______ hazard. The mitigation of moderate to large spills of hydrocarbon fuel will be in a coordinated and efficient manner so as to reduce the______element.
antifreeze; roadway; time
Non-hazmat personnel will not attempt neutralization of any _____that cannot be identified as leaking from an auto battery (sulfuric ___).
acid ; acid
Non-hazmat personnel will be allowed to neutralize small spills of common ______ ____ when cleaning the roadway at an auto collision. A small spill is a spill of the contents of ____ auto battery. All spills of acids other than battery acid will be mitigated by ____ _________ Response Team.
battery acid; one (1); AFD’s Hazmat
Haz Mat Response:

It will be the responsibility of the ___rescue _______ to instruct personnel as to the proper neutralization process and the hazards involved
AFD ; captains
In any incident involving an 18-wheel tractor-trailer truck, AFD will dispatch a __________ _______alarm as a minimum response. This will ensure that appropriate equipment and personnel are on the scene in a timely manner to address the potential for spills and enhance personnel _______.
hazardous condition ;safety
Bomb Threats:

Initial Response
1. Advise Communications of arrival one (1) to two (2) blocks from the location.

2. TURN OFF ALL _____ and CELLULAR PHONES. DO NOT USE THE ___ AS A FORM OF COMMUNICATION. All communications should be by _________ __________
RADIOS ; MDT; landline telephone
Unless circumstances dictate, the _____ _____ should NOT normally be utilized in response to bomb threats targeting a building, dwelling or grounded structures
Bomb Squad
The Bomb Squad will be contacted to perform searches of _______ and __________.
vehicles ; watercraft
The decision to evacuate should be made by the person in charge of the premises, but may be superseded by the supervisor-in-charge at the scene.

2. If evacuation occurs, establish a perimeter _______ or more from the target.
300 feet
When searching during a bomb threat:

Systematically search the area starting with areas _________ to the ______.
accessible; public
If a known or suspected explosive device has been discovered or if a suspicious package believed to contain an explosive device is discovered, field units should:

Immediately establish a safety perimeter and ______ anyone in the immediate area. In establishing the perimeter, ____ ____ and direction must be considered.
evacuate; wind speed ;
If a known or suspected explosive device has been discovered or if a suspicious package believed to contain an explosive device is discovered, field units should:

Officers will have their ________ _______ _________ immediately available in the event an explosion occurs.
personal protective equipment (PPE)
During an incident involving an explosive device, the first supervisor on-scene should:

Establish the _______ command post. This site can be the same as the _______ command post or it can be moved at the discretion of the supervisor based on the best information available at the time.
primary ;initial
The Austin Police Department utilizes a variety of non-sworn personnel who assist in delivering day-to-day law enforcement services to the community. These personnel are not police officers and do not carry weapons, except for those who are trained and authorized to use ___________ as a defensive weapon only
OC (pepper) spray
Crime Scene/Property Crime Response Unit
The Property Crime Response Unit is responsible for handling those property crimes not requiring the ________ ________ of an officer, taking reports from citizens, and processing crime scenes for evidence. Personnel are also responsible for providing expert ___________ in criminal cases regarding their areas of support
immediate attention ;testimony
Downtown Rangers
The primary role of the Downtown Ranger Program is to be __________ _________ for the Public Improvement District within downtown Austin. They provide information about points of interest, and provide assistance to visitors and business owners while being a visible _________ _________ in the downtown area.
“goodwill ambassadors”;street presence
Crime Prevention Specialist

The primary function of the crime prevention specialist is the development, ___________, and evaluation of various citizen awareness programs offered to the Austin community. These programs promote public awareness and citizen _________ through a wide range of activities
implementation; involvement
Crime Prevention Specialist

The primary function of the crime prevention specialist is the development, implementation, and evaluation of various citizen _______ programs offered to the Austin community. These programs promote public awareness and citizen _________ through a wide range of activities
awareness; involvement
Civil Defense Battalion

The Civil Defense Battalion, an extension of the Office of Community Liaison, was created to supplement the work of APD officers. It consists of a well-trained corps of volunteers prepared to respond quickly during _________ events. „Â (S.O. #2003-06, 06-27-03)
The Chaplain Program is intended to provide support and _________ services for the officers and employees of the Department and for their immediate family members in times of injury, illness, and death of loved ones.
A branch of the Community Liaison Office is the Volunteers In Policing Initiative, also known as (VIP). The VIP Initiative’s mission is to find _______ volunteers to enhance the work of the Austin Police Department. Utilizing a volunteer work force will strengthen _______ relations and build strong partnerships
quality; community
PIO procedures

The purpose of these procedures is to seek a balance between permitting the free flow of ________ to the public and the media while protecting both the _________ ______ and the rights of the accused from possible prejudicial publicity.
information; prosecution’s case
PIO is responsible for collecting police information and then fairly, equitably and efficiently __________ it to the public and media.
The on-call PIO will be available to answer after-hours media requests from _____ until ______. each day. At other after-hour times, or unless the on-call PIO has been requested at a scene, media calls will be handled by the ___________ ___________ .
6:00 a.m.; 10:00p.m; Communications supervisor
To remain informed of police activities that will be of interest to the public and the news media, PIO will be notified by the Communications supervisor of the following:
1. _____ or serious injury of a police officer;
2. _________-_______shootings;
3. Police _______ or accidents that result in the death or serious injury of a/an ______________;
Death; Officer-involved ; pursuits; a civilian
To remain informed of police activities that will be of interest to the public and the news media, PIO will be notified by the Communications supervisor of the following:

4. Arrest of a police officer, Department employee, public _______, or public figure;
5. __-_______ deaths, homicides, and traffic ___________;
6. Bank robberies, ________ situations, civil disturbances (e.g. riots);
7. Natural disasters, _______ disasters;
8. Any other occurrence that generates multiple media interest or any situation that requires _________ ________ of information for public safety purposes.
official; In-custody; fatalities; hostage; aircraft; immediate release
"Ring Down"

PIO contains the City of Austin’s Emergency Operation Center (EOC) emergency media "ring down" telephone line. This line is used to simultaneously _____ and/or update local news agencies of incidents or events.
Austin Warning and Communications System (AWACS)

AWACS is a City of Austin alphanumeric ______ system designed to provide a rapid and accurate method of getting emergency information to the public through the _____ ________. It also can be used to provide the media updates or information about other newsworthy events
pager; news media
2. If Department personnel are contacted directly by the media, they are responsible for doing the following:

a. Refer the media to the _____ _____ _______

b. Contact the Public Information Office and advise them of the ___ inquiry.
Public Information Office; media
Mug shots of suspects become public after suspects are convicted of those crimes for which they are arrested. Mug Shots will be released only through the _____________.
Public Information Office
A mug shot may be released prior to conviction if:
a. The case _______ has authorized its release;
b. The suspect has been _______; or
c. If the release of the mug shot will not _______ the investigation
detective; charged; hinder
By law, the public and/or media has access to the following arrest information:
1. Arrestee's name, ____, race, and sex;
2. _______ of arrest;
3. Names of the _________ ________; and
4. _____ filed
age; Location; arresting officers;
Information regarding an internal investigation is confidential and will be released through the Public Information Office only after authorization by __________ or __________.
the Chief of Police ; an assistant chief of police
1. The Internal Affairs Division commander, and/or Public Information Office personnel may only confirm:

a. That an ______ investigation is being conducted;
b. The ____ of the employee involved; and
c. The nature of the _______ or incident
internal ;name ;allegation
Officers will not restrict the movement of members of the media, unless their actions clearly and directly interfere with police functions or investigations or present a ______ concern
Department personnel who experience extreme difficulties in dealing with individual members of the media should initiate a ________through their chain-of-command to the Public Information _______ clearly outlining the difficulties they encountered
memorandum ;Director
Video or photographic files deemed non-evidentiary (criminal or civil) will be reviewed for destruction by a/an _________ ______, or designee, after a minimum retention period of _______
Assistant Chief; 27 months
The Austin Police Department is dedicated to utilizing the most recent techniques and procedures when dealing with civil unrest. It also recognizes the need to prepare its officers for a ___________, uniform response to a variety of crowd control issues
The Field Force concept was pioneered by the City of ______ Police Department.
The Field Force is designed to provide a rapid and ________ response to events. It can be deployed to restore order, move crowds, rescue victims, and isolate problem areas
The MFF can vary in size, but usually consists of ______ officers or multiples of _____officers. The force may be comprised of on-duty and/or off-duty personnel.
seventy-eight (78); seventy-eight
The MMF is usually divided into squads of ____ officers and one supervisor. It is commanded by a Field Force commander (FFC), usually a ________ or higher command supervisor. The FFC is assisted by a ________ or _______ acting as the executive officer (XO).
nine; lieutenant; lieutenant; sergeant
The objectives of the Mobile Field Force are to:
1. Avoid loss of _____.
2. Control ______.
3. _____ victims.
4. Escort and protect ____ personnel.
5. Contain _____.
6.Secure certain facilities:
a. Police facilities.
b. Fire facilities.
c. __________
d. _____ delivery systems (water, power, sewage).
e. ______ buildings (i.e., local, state, federal buildings, State Capitol, City Council area, etc.).
life; violence; Rescue; fire; crowds ; Hospitals; Utility; Public
The _______ _________ ____ is organized and trained for the purpose of providing a more immediate show of force response. The ____ is a smaller force, typically consisting of between _______ and ____officers (two squads) who are _______ at the time an immediate show of force is needed
Rapid Deployment Team (RDT); RDT; 21 and 27 ; on-duty
The RDT is commanded by a _______ or __________, and is used to address small, localized disturbances
sergeant; lieutenant
The control strategies that represent the greatest opportunities for managing the disorder and achieving control are ___________, arrest, local ________ orders, and emergency _______
containment; emergency; response
After the initial response, the next most important control objective is to _______ the spread of disorder. The strategy of _________ _________ is particularly important to limiting access to where a disturbance is occurring
contain; perimeter control ;
The three basic concepts of perimeter control are _______ ________, cordoning, and __________.
linear strategy; sectoring

The “_________ _________” deploys police forces as a “blocking force” along a roadway or geographic barrier ___________ to access routes into the impacted area.
linear strategy; perpendicular

"________” means surrounding a particular problem area by using the _______ _______ to seal off access on all sides. By these two maneuvers, Police are able to prevent “outsiders” from being drawn into the unrest as victims or participants and, at the same time, limit the spread of violence from inside the disturbance location.
Cordoning; linear strategy

“________” means dividing the _______ area into smaller sized units that can be taken back one-by-one, once sufficient police resources are assembled to begin the process of regaining control
Sectoring; cordoned;
An essential component of the Police Department’s strategy for responding to a civil disorder is the issuance of ________ orders. The _________ has the authority to issue and enforce rules, regulations, orders, and directions necessary for the protection of life and property.
emergency; Mayor
All _________ and ______ are responsible for maintaining a level of proficiency in MFF training, tactics, etc
supervisors; officers
______________ may initiate the call-up of an RDT to respond to small disturbances or to any disturbance where an immediate show of force has a calculated and reasonable chance to control a disturbance or prevent the disturbance from growing larger or out of control. The _______ must determine if the situation is controllable with available manpower and resources
Any supervisor ;field lieutenant
Who may initiate the call up of an MFF in order to deal with any large scale disturbance or with any disturbance where there is potential for escalation or violence without a large scale show of force?
The Chief of Police, an assistant chief, the duty commander, an area commander, or an area field lieutenant
The mobilization of two (2) or more MFFs constitutes a ____ _____, and this may be initiated by _________,_________,_________.
Task Force; the Chief of Police, an assistant chief, or a commander.
When deployed, a task force will be directed by a ________, or higher-ranking officer.
Off-Duty Officer-Involved Shooting:

Any incident where an off-duty Austin Police officer ____________ discharges a firearm at a person or vehicle. This includes officers acting in an official capacity as a peace officer, officers working secondary employment, and officers not acting as a peace officer at the time of the incident
The shooting or injury team consists of the:
1. _______ ______ ______ _ lieutenant or designee (serves as the team leader);
2. Lieutenant of _________ ______;
3. Commander of the _________ ________ or designee;
4. ________ of the involved officer(s);
5. On-call public information officer;
6. On-call _______ sergeant and detectives;
7. _______ ______Search Team; and
8. On-call Department _________
Crimes Against Persons I ; Internal Affairs; Training Division ; Commander;
Homicide; Crime Scene ;psychologist
The on-call _______ sergeant and detectives will be in charge of the crime scene until the Shooting Team commander arrives
The Shooting Team commander is responsible for ensuring a summary of the incident is prepared for presentation to Executive Staff by __________
the next normal work day
The Shooting Team commander is responsible for ensuring a complete, detailed report of the incident, including a review of compliance with state law, is ready for review by Executive Staff within _______ of the incident
one week
Shooting or Injury Team

Internal Affairs is responsible for preparing a summary of the incident for review by Executive Staff within ______
one week.
The Shooting Team commander is responsible for forwarding a copy of its investigation to the Critical Incident Review Committee chairperson within ______ working days of the completion of the investigation
five (5)
Cases involving an officer's intentional discharge of a firearm will be reviewed in the following manner:
A. Review by Executive Staff
Executive Staff will review the case within one week to:
1. Determine if the use of deadly force was indicative of a need for further _______ or counseling; and
2. Determine whether further action is required
The Critical Incident Negotiation Team’s (CINT) sole purpose is to facilitate the professional resolution of __________/and or___________incidents
hostage and/or barricaded subject
The primary function of the Austin Police Department Critical Incident Negotiation Team is to assist other members of the Austin Police Department and/or other law enforcement agencies who require assistance with the professional resolution of hostage/barricaded subject situations, and _________ suicidal subjects
The Critical Incident Negotiation Team will respond to the following situations:
1. _______ incidents.
2. ________ subject incidents (includes armed suicidal subjects).
3. ________ ________subjects threatening to jump from elevated position.
4. Any other special situation deemed appropriate by the Special Operations Division ________ or Special Missions Section lieutenant
Hostage; Barricaded; Unarmed suicidal ; commander
Hostage/barricated subject:

Nothing in this policy precludes an officer from making a ____ inside a structure to determine what is going on, or to request that a subject come outside to speak with officers
If the assessment determines that a jumper situation exists, the ranking officer will notify Communications to request a ________ _______ response
An investigative ____ _____ may be established when normal resources are unable to cope with a problem or would aid in the investigation of certain types of offenses
task force
There are two types of task forces:
Departmental and Joint
To request establishment of a departmental task force, a memorandum must be completed by the affected _______ __________.
division commander(S)
To request establishment of a departmental task force, a memorandum must be completed by the affected division commander(s). The memorandum will include the following:
Purpose , Mission, Duration, Participation, Recommended Manager
To request establishment of a joint investigative task force a written memorandum of understanding or ____ _____ _______ must be completed and agreed to by the involved agency or agencies
task force agreement
Joint task force agreements must include the following: (11 things)
Purpose , mission, organizational structure, procedures, adminstrative, media, equipment, funding, liability, duration, modifications
The decision to establish any investigative task force must be approved by __________.
the Chief of Police or his/her designee
Once the decision to establish an investigative task force has been approved, an investigative task force manager will be appointed.

B. The investigative task force manager will be of the rank of _______ or higher, depending on the scope of the problem or investigation
The selection of an investigative task force manager requires final approval by __________.
the Chief of Police or his/her designee
The investigative task force manager will be responsible for:
A. Establishing __________ for all facets of the operation.
B. Identifying all available ______ required.
C. ______ the Chief of Police or his/her designee periodically, or as requested, on the progress of the task force.
D. Preparing an _____-_____ report to be presented to the Chief of Police or his/her designee detailing:
1. Expenditures (Overtime, Equipment, Travel, etc.).
2. ____-hours used.
3. Arrests and ______.
4. Property and ________ recovered or seized.
5. __________ of task force.
6. Recommendations.
E. Forwarding a copy of the after action report to _________ and ________for archiving
accountability; resources; Briefing; after-action ; Staff; prosecutions; contraband; Effectiveness; Planning and Analysis
A. Criteria – Described as an incident where:
1. There is immediate threat to _____ and safety.
2. A _____ criminal act is in progress or has just occurred.
3. There is imminent critical danger to the ______.
life; violent; public
2. If units are unavailable for the Priority One (1) call, a ______ _______ of the call will be made advising a Priority One (1) call is holding with no units available
general broadcast
3. A patrol sergeant or _______ will be advised the Priority One (1) call is holding. A notation will be made in the call history in regards to which sergeant was notified.
4. The patrol ______ or _______ will be responsible for ensuring the Priority One (1) calls are covered
sergeant or lieutenant
D. There are __ revised Priority One (1) calls as follows
thirty six (36)
2. Priority Two (2) –Dispatch within _________.
five (5) minutes
B. Calls that are designated mandatory Teleserve calls will only be taken over the telephone with the following exceptions:
1. _______ – If the complainant requests that someone respond to the scene, a call will be entered for dispatch to a Property Crimes Technician. I.D. calls will be dispatched within ____ to Patrol Units if I.D. Units are tied up and unavailable.
2. “Old” Sexual Assault – Dispatch Patrol Unit. No _____ ________ reports will be taken by Teleserve.
a. “Old” defined as twenty-four (24) hours after the incident was discovered/occurred
Burglaries; one (1) hour ; Sexual Assault
Preliminary investigation by Department personnel may be limited or may constitute the _______ investigation of a crime. In certain crimes, the scope of the preliminary investigation is limited due to the level of _________ required to investigate the offense.
entire; expertise
The Communications Center of the Austin Police Department is a 24-hour operation designed to provide a measure of ______ and ______ to police personnel and to the public.
safety and security
It is critically important that every step in any police communication process, from receiving the initial request for service to transmitting the message to and from field units delivering the service, be conducted concisely, _________, and properly.
The ____________ _________ manager or designee is responsible for the continued maintenance on emergency communications equipment operated by the Communications Division
Communications Division
Communications involving the protection of ____ and ______ shall be afforded priority.
life and property
Any employee with a legitimate need to hear or copy the 24-hour radio or telephone log tape may do so by making a _______ _______ to the Communication supervisor on duty.
written request
During the ____ ________ of the calendar year, the Emergency Communications manager will direct that call priority classifications be reviewed and any adjustments made as needed.
last quarter
Under Section 411.085 of the Texas Government Code, it is a _____ _ _______(or _____ degree felony if done for remuneration) to unlawfully disseminate criminal history information.
Class B misdemeanor ;second
__________ _________ System. The system is a stand-alone system that is capable of transmitting notifications to __ separate individuals/groups defined by predetermined lists or geographic location simultaneously via pre-recorded message.
Emergency Notification; 48
Calls that cannot be taken by Teleserve:

Traffic reports of any kind (including reckless driving), except for Leaving the Scene Collisions (LTS) that are reported after _____ from the time when the driver or owner discovered the LTS collision.
Commercial vehicle collisions may be reported on State Form ST-2 (blue form) if there is no damage to any vehicle or property over ____.
When it is found that an officer did not turn in a collision report as required, the ________ in that officer’s chain-of-command will be notified of the problem. It will be the ___________ responsibility to investigate and ensure that the officer properly submits the report, and that appropriate corrective action is taken.
commander; commander’s
A large diagram is required for:
a. _____ collisions – to scale.
b. _____ ______ collisions – to scale.
c. Collisions involving ____ vehicles
Fatality; Serious injury ; City
Officers should not use paper larger than _____ for large diagrams unless it is unavoidable due to the size of the crime scene.

b. The ______ scale should be used when the collision covers a large area.
11 x 17 ; 1:20
Field sketches and notes for collision diagrams should contain _______ measurements and notes.
Rotation or request wreckers will be used in all collisions except:

When ______ is _______
or vehicle is ______.
driver is arrested; stolen
Citations for __________ _________ violations and ________ will be issued to drivers involved in all collisions. If not investigated, list the witness name, address and phone number on the back of the citation marked, ______ _____
driver’s license ; failure to maintain financial responsibility; “Court Copy.”