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Levels of burns
1 degree= epidermis only
2 degree= papillary layer
3 degree= entire thickness of skin
4 degree= into subQ fat and bone
level of consciousness
confusion= decreased attention span with inappropriate responce
lethargy= drowsy but respond appropriately
delirium= confused with hallucinations often anxious
stupor= arousable with stimuli but non-verbal moans
Coma= neither aware or awake
Types of hypersensitivity
I= immediate or anaphylactic (and urticaria)-IgE mediated- PNC, insulin, sulfa, morphine, contrast media
II= cytotoxic (hemolytic anemia, thrombocytopenia, nephritis)- IgM or IgG mediated- ABO mismatch, heprin, etc
III= immune complex (serum sickness)- C3a, 4a and 5a mediated- Hydralazine, procainamides, PCN
IV= cell mediated or delayed type (dermatitis, photosensitivity, pulmonary fibrosis)- lymphocyte and marcrophage mediated- tetracyclines, nitrofurantoin, poison ivy, etc
Glascow Coma Scale
need to fill in
Types of Shock
Causes of hypotension
need to fill in
Types of Sepsis
Bacteremia= in blood
SIRS (syndrome)= temp>100.5, HR>90, RR>20, PaCO2<32, WBC count high or low with bands
Sepsis= 2 or more of the above
Severe Sepsis= organ dysfxn, hypoperfusion, hypotention
Septic shock= hypotention due to sepsis
Steps of behavior change
Precontemplation- denial/no intention of change
Contemplation- considering change
Preparation- planning
Action- active modification
Maintenance- relapse risk
Termination- no longer need action to maintain change
breathe smells
bitter almond= cyanide
fruity= DKA
garlic= Arsenic or parathion
rotten egg= mercaptans
campgor= naphthalene
C= Ever attempted to Cut down
A= Ever Annoyed by criticism of drinking
G= Ever Guilty about drinking
E= Ever needed an Eye opener in the morning
Frostnip= superficial- area od palor reversible by warming
1 Degree= partial freezing, erythema
2 Degree= full freezing, erythema, edema, clear blisters
3 degree= subdermal, blue/gray skin with hemorrhagic blisters
4 degree- mummified eschar
Stages of HTN
need to fill in