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How many memebranes does Mycobacteria have?
- Gram Positive so
An inner membrane and no outer membrane
List all the endotoxins of Mycobacteria.
-it doesn't have any
What is a unique characteristic/capability of Mycobacteria Tuberculosis?
-it's ability to grow inside of macrophages
What is the relationship between tuberculosis and oxygen?
-Tuberculosis is a strict aerobe
What are some factors that affect the transmission of TB?
-# and concentration of organisms expelled in the air
-exposure time
-immune status of exposed person
What factors contribute to the exposure of TB?
-poor healthcare
-poor living conditions
-rate of active infection
Where do TB bacteria reproduce once inside the lungs?
inside of "UNACTIVATED" macrophages
What happens once macrophages are activated by the presence of TB?
The phagocytes wall off the bacteria by forming a granuloma around the dead phagocytes.
When testing for TB, what are you looking for?
A cell mediated response; not antibiotic mediated
If "EXPOSED" to TB what two things can happen?
You either get infected or don't get infected
If "INFECTED" by TB what are the possiblities of the disease in the body?
It will become primary active TB or it will be latent(maybe forever )
If TB is latent in the body what are the chances of it being reactivated?
about 2-23% over lifetime, increasing with age
What is the action of the body's cell immune response for lots of TB bacilli?
-necrotic granulomas
-complement activation
-macrophage debris
What is the name of the TB test used in the US?
the Mantoux tuberculin test
(PPD-Purified Protein Derivative)
What two factors should be consider for a positive PPD test?
-the patient
-the circumstances
What are some ways to examine active TB?
(growth necessary)
-chest X-ray
-sputum sample
-nucleic acid probes
-culture (6-8 weeks)
Why isn't the BCG vaccine used to prevent TB in the US?
Because it makes a person test positive for PPD testing.
What are some treatment set-backs for TB?
-drug-resistant mutants
-slow growth of bacteria
-inadequate treatment
What is the treatment of latent TB?
9 month optimal treatment
(twice weekly if observed directly)
What is Hansen's disease?
Mycobacterium Leprae
Name two types of Leprosy?
-Tuberculoid leprosy
(Paucibacillary Hansen's)
-Lepromatus leprosy
(Multibacillary Hansen's)
What the differences between Pauci- and Multibacillary?
-few/many skin lesions
-few or no bacilli/lots of bacilli
-infiltration/few lymphocytes
-low/high infectivity
What is the treatment of leprosy?
-long term antibiotics
-treat everyone in the household until infected member is cured