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What are three examples of DNA aquisition by horizontal gene transfer?
How is DNA degraded?
It is degraded by enzymes called restriction endonucleases.
What are two examples of restriction endonucleases? and what do they do?
EcoRI and HinD111. they recognize other DNA and chew them up.
What is recombination?
The foriegn DNA is integrated into the chromosome.
What is the fate of DNA within the cell?
1)Degraded by endonucleases
2)Integraded into the chromosome
3)Cirularization of DNA and plasmid formation-->get lots of copies.
What is a transposon?
1)Linear DNA "Elements"
2)Possess ability to move from one location to another within a genome
3)Replicative-a copy of the transposon is made during transposition
4)Insertion elements present at the ends of transposons(inverted repeat DNA sequences)
5)Some transposons may carry additional genes- such as anitbiotic resistance
What is the enzyme required for transposition?
Transposons "duplicate" the ??
sequence of the insertion site when they transpose
What are the impacts of transposition?
1)Use in molecular biology
2)Mutations(Changed DNA sequences)
3)Lowered virulence/antibiotic resistance
You have a cell with a transposon that hopped into LacZ. Will this medium be able to grow on
a)defined medium with glucose as sole carbon souce
b)Lactose as sole carbon source
A)Defined medium with glucose as sole carbon source