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things you own which have value
a statement or report listing your assets, liabilities, and net worth
balance sheet
well known products which often sell at premium price
brand name items
monthly amts. of cash you pay out
cash expenses
a statement or perort listing your cash income, cash expenses, and yours cash savings or deficit
cash flow statement
monthy amts. of cash that come in to you
cash income
paper certificates entitling you to a discount off the regular price of an item
a negative cash flow, which monthly cash income is less then monthly cash expenses
your current financial position or situation
financial status
a favorable financial status, which can be defined somewhat differently by different people
financial success
cash expenses that stay relatively stable from month to month
fixed expenses
lesser known products which mimic brand name items and which often sell at discount prices
generic items
amts. you owe to others
your total assets minus your total liabilities
net worth
a positive cash flow in which monthly cash income is more than monthly cash expenses
the satisfaction you get from a purpose
cash expenses that can change a lot from month to month and are often a matter of choice
variable expenses