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the process of receiving, constructing meaning from, and responding to spoken and/or nonverbal messages.
specific listening problems
shift response, competitive interrupting, glazing over, pseudolistening, ambushing, content-only response
informational listening
listening for comprehension of a speaker's message.
confirmation bias, vividness effect
the psychological tendency to look for and listen to information that supports our beliefs and values and to ignore or distort information that supports our beliefs and values; the tendency of graphic, outrageous, shocking, controversial, and dramatic events to distort our perceptions of facts, resulting in our concluding that we have problems that are wholly out of proportion to the facts.
critical listening
the process of evaluating the merits of claims as they are heard.
true believers, cynics
willingly accept claims by authorities or valued sources without question; a negative attitude, faultfinders
burden of proof
the obligation of the claimant to support any claim with evidence and reasoning.
ad hominem fallacy, ad populum fallacy
a personal attack on the messenger to avoid the message; basing a claim on popular opinion.
empathic listening
requires us to take the perspective of the other person, to listen for what that person needs.
empathic listening responses; nonempathic listening responses
probing, supporting, understanding; evaluating, advising, interpreting