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what were the thre different kinds of government according to montesquieu - and to what type of states were they best suited
1 republics, suitable for smal states
2 despotism, suitable for lare states
3 monarchies, ideal for moderate sized states
into what three branches was the english government divided according to montesquieu
the executive (monarch)
the legislative (parliament)
judicial (the courts)
identify three basic roles for government accourding to smith
1 protect society from invasion (army)
2 defend citizens from injustice (police)
3 keep up certain public works such as roads, canals, that private individuals could not afford
1 according to beccaria what should punishment not be?
2 what did he oppose?
3 why did he oppose it
1 not be brutal punishments, they should fit the crime
2 death penalty
3 they did not work, they were uncertain punishments
identify three natural laws of justice described by beccaria.

# 1
1 prevent criminal from doing further injury by using strong punishment that fit the crime to make an impression
identify three natural laws of justice described by beccaria.

# 2
justice should act fast so a stong association betwen crime and punishment will be made
identify three natural laws of justice described by beccaria.

# 3
the certanty of a small punishment is greater than a serve uncertain one because it makes a bigger impression