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what was the real need for absolutism described in the case for absolutism
need for order
identify four groupd who most supported the oncept of an absolute monarch because their fortunes were immediately linked to the monarch
this argument in favor absolutism maintains that absolutism is a part of the nationalism of the nation - the monarch is someone around whom people develop a sense of national worth
predictable stage in nation state
what two theories supported absolutism
divine right of kings

machiavellis idea of preservation of the state
this king regarded as the best example of an absolute monarch. under him frensh culture, language and manners reached into all levels of european society. his court was imitated throughout europe.
Louis XIV
chrdinal rickelieu tames this group by setting up a network of secret spies
he was chief minister of louis XIV
cardinal mazarin
he was also known as the sun king
lois XIV
what three purposes were served by Versailles
personal household of the king

cheif offices of the stae were located there

powerful subjects came there to find favors
what actions did louis XIV take reguarding the Huguenots
he revoked the edict of nantes and destroyed their churches making thousands of them flee france
this man was controller-general of finaces under louis XIV
baptiste colbert
what general policy did baptiste colbert pursue for france
identify four specific action taken by baptiste colbert to implement mercantilism
- put tariffs on imports to decrease importation
- granted subsidies to new industries
- improved communication and transportation
- created mechant marine to carry french goods
stuart is to england as _____ is to france
route through the hindu kush through which founder of mongul empire crossed in 1517
khyber pass
local officials that kept a portion of the taxes they collected from peasants in lieu of a salary
built in the mid 17th c in memory of his wife who has died giving birth to her forteenth child at the age of 39
taj mahal