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the word for the period from 1350-1550, meaning rebirth
this means having a worldly viewpoint - the enjoyment of material things
this word relates to the new learning of the period
what were the most important cities of the renaissance
civic humanism
tgus term refers to the public pride cities felt which lef them to embark a policy of beautification and a competition between the city-states to be the best
what family came to dominate milan after 1447
soldiers who sold their services to the highest bidder
on the dignity of man
this essay maintained that man's lpace in the universe may be somewhere between beasts and angels but that there are no limits to what man can accomplish
pico della mirandora
author of on the dignity of man
what family came to dominate florece after 1434
lorenzo de medici
grandson of Cosimo de Medici, he dominated his city at a time when it was the cultural center of italy
on the false donation of constantine
this work demonstrated that the document which gave the papal states to the church was forgery.
lorenzo valla
author of on the false donation of constantine
giroland savonarola
dominican preacher who began condeming the corruption and excesses of the medici family. he and his followers took over florence. he was burned at the stake for heresy
charles VIII if france
he led an army of 30 000 into italy in 1494 and occupied the kingdom of naples in southern italy
sack of rome
in this event, thousands of soldiers went beserk in a frenzy of bloodshed and looting.
who was the top of urban society
trade,industry, and banking
what was the source of wealth for patriarchs
what group was directly below patriarchs
finally, what group were at the bottom of the urban society
the book ov courtier
this book described the ideals that nobles and aristocrats were expected to fulfull
baldassare castiglione
author of the book of courtier
born, not made; had character, grace, talent
1st characteristic of nobles
proform military and physical exercise
2nd characteristic of nobles
gain a classical education and where rich
3rd characteristic of nobles
father - husband
who was the center of the italian family
suprevised family
what was the chief role of women
francesco patrarch
poet and humanist who described the renaissance as the start of a new age, period of light following the long night of medieval gloom
the middle class, including murchants, industrialists, and professional people
a form of government in which leader or head of governemnt is not a king
the prince
one of the most influential works on political power in the western world, it converns how to acuire - and keep - political power it said men are ungrateful, frickle, liers