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this region was seized by a group of middle-level army officer in 1931
this man - and other military leaders - came to dominate the government of japan and supported japanese expansionism
mukden incident
this incident - appeared to be a chinese attack on a japanese railway-it was actually japanese soldiers disguised as chinese to provide an excuse for japanese seizure of manchuria
this was the name the japanese gave to their new province in manchuria
chang kai-shek
leader of the nationalist government in china. he preferred to fight his civil war against the communists but eventually had to unite with the communists to fight the japanese.
this man was the prime minister of great britain in the run-up to world war II
economic sanctions
action taken by the united states after japan damanded the right to exploit the resources of french indochina. we would refuse to sell them oil and scrap iron
stopping germany from remiliterizing rhineland
according to the reading - the road to war- what may have been the last opportunbity to avert war in europe.
this is the policy based upon the belief that if european states satisfied the reasonable demands of dissatisfied powers, the dissatisfied powers would be content, and stability and peaace would be achieved in europe.
this nation signeed a naval agreement with the germans that allowed them to rebuild their nacy
haile selassie
this man was the emperor of ethiopia - he spoke before the league of nations begging them to intervene to stop italian aggression there
economic sactions
action taken by the league of nations in october of 1935 against italy
spanish popular front(communist, socialists, liberals)
what groups formed the left side of the spanish civil war
germany, japan, italy
by december of 1937, what three nations had withdrawn from the league of nations
what groups formed the right side of the spectrum in the spanish civil war
this town was devastated by low-flying german bombers-first diliberate bombarbment of a civilian population-during the spanish civil war
edward daladier(france
hilder - germany
who were the four political leaders at the munich conferenceczechoslavakia and soviet union
what nations were not represented at munich and probably should be
conferenceczechoslavakia and soviet union
to providetime to prepare for war
identify one good reason why britain and france made the munish agreement
took the rest of czechoslavakia
this action by germany ended the days of appeasement
ribbentrop / mdotov
these were the two men who negotiated the hitler-stalin pact in 1939
on what port city in poland did hitler center his demands
eastern poland and baltic states
what places in europe did hitler agree to let stalin to take control of in the secret part of the nazi-soviet pact
declared war
response of britain and france to the attack on poland
the rape of nanking
the duration of this massacre is not difined but probably lasted six weeks during which japanese troops committed uncounted war crimes. murdering perhaps 300,000 chinese the event served as a focus point for new chinese nationism
berlin-rome-tokyo axis
an alliance between the three great fascist nations it was presumably formed to create a common front against communism
the sudentenland
what was the region of czechoslovakia that hitler demanded at munich
lightening war invloving aremored columns
maginot lines
this was a series of concrete and steel fortificatrion amred with heavy artillery
from here, with heroic effort the british navy and civilians managed to evacuate allied soldiers
henri petain
this man became the leaqder of unoccupied france the government of france after the surrender to germany
the battle of britain
this battle was fought because germany needed control of the air before it could invade great britain it was fought between the luftwaffe and the RAF
yoshiko kawashima
born in china but raised in japan. sent to china to gather information for the invasion of china was caught and executed
here us planes destroyed four attacking japanese eircraft carriers. this defeat of the japanese neavy established american naval superiority in the pacific
commander of all allired forces in the european theater he led the landing on the beaches of normandy
battle of kursk
the greatest tank battle of world war II the soviets soundly defeatedthe new heavy german tanks
became president when franklin roosevelt died he had to make the crucial decision to drop the bomb of not
resistance fighters
commander of the american troops in the pacific theater he was to move into the philippines through new guinea
island hopping
this was the strategy of capturing some japanese-held islands while bypassing others
violette szabo
became a spy after her husband died fighting the germans in north africa
germany italy japan
three members of the axis
batan penninsula
one of the last places in the philippines where american soldiers fiercely resisted. eventurally forced to surrender to the japanese
commander of the german forces in north africa
el alamein
place where british troops stopped rommel
perhaps the most terrible battle of the war
rape of nanjing
one of the most infamous of japanese war crimes
atlantic fonference
in this roosevelt and churchill declared that the us and britain sought no territorial gainsin world war II.
in this program the us congress allowed the president to sell, transfer title to, exchange or otherwise dispose of, to any government
the atlantic charter
churchill was the architect and safeguard of this group of nations which combined efforts of various nations to defeat the nazis
battle of the bulge
last ditch effort by the germans to throw the allies out of europe.
operation barbarossa
german code name for the suprise attack on the ussr
the blitz
massive bombing on the UK
new order
term for the german control of continental europe
vichy france
term given to the collaborationist government of unoccupied france
anne frank
young girl kept diary of the time spent in hiding in the netherlands
physical attempt to exterminate a group of people based upon their race
the einstazgruppen
special strike forces to carry out the final solution of the jewish problem.
heinrich himmler
leader of the SS
most notorious of the death camps
decision at postdam 1
at the conclusion of the war crimes trials would be held for the leaders of the nazi state
decision at postdam 2
poland moved 100 miles west- into what had been eastern germany
decision at postdam
put into force decision to divide germany into administrative occupation zones
decision at postdam
party destroyed and laws repealed
decision at postdam
development of local responsibility

reorganization od educaional and judicial systems