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4 Gats
name comes from the Poster from Paris in the Montmartre area; Ramon Casas and Santiago Rusinol are in Paris and when they return to BCN, they want to open up a place that is like the places they visited in Paris;; Cautro Gats becomes a term that means there are only a few of us; two cats on outside of building, two cats on inside; Third owner is Pere Romen; there is a famous painting on the inside that was created by Ramon Casas, it is the one of him and Santiago riding a bike (this painting was representative of the 19th century, there is a painting that goes with the bike painting and it shows them riding in a car which is representative of the 20th century); RC made posters as publicity for the restaurant, these posters were all very bohemian ( one poster of RC sitting at a bar with a pipe and drinking beer); the 4 Gats was much more upscale than the places of Paris, much more well kept, even created a magazine; RC used to make drawings of important people who visited 4 Gats (picasso, cadafalch, montaner); Picasso's first exhibition was in 4 Gats, he developed a very bohemian style from hanging out here (people drinking & smoking); Picasso created menu for 4 Gats; very curvy and art nouveau like
Ramon Casas
brought impressionism to BCN from Paris; very wealthy and he paints as a hobby, so it doesn't matter to him if his paintings sell or not; 2nd man in Barcelona to own a car, he is trying to bring modernity to Barcelona; he has two different sides of his work, one side displays social issues and they are always violent and show public affairs, the other side of his work is very gentle and shows women in dresses and gardens. They are always from the bourgeoisie class. These paintings are always very pretty and opposite of the violent social issue paintings; made a sifilis poster of a prostitue holding a white flower and a snake; he met his wife Julia while she was selling lottery tickets on the street; it was a problematic relationship bc she was so young. she started modeling for him and eventually they got married
Santiage Rusinol
came from bourgeoisie family and they always wanted him to carry out their textile business, but he didnt want to; when his parents died hee gave all of the business to his younger brother; he was very inspired by Sitges; he had two houses there, one of them was for a restaurant he had that was similar to 4 Gats, it was called Cau Ferret; many of his paintings take place in typical architecture of Sitges with lots of patios; he had an addiction to morphine which showed in some of his paintings
Alphonse Mucha
born in Prague; applied in the Prague academy but wasn't accepted so he went to Paris instead; he got famous because one night a famouse actress named SArah Berhart called him and she was frantically looking for someone to make her a poster for the next day for one of her shows, he agreed and she liked the poster that he made her so much that she asked him to sign a contract of 5 years with her so he would create more posters for her; all of his posters were very long adn stretched out; always very elegent and decorated which is a traditional characteristic of art nouveau
Gaspar Homar
he made furniture; he made all of the furniture for the Lleo Morera hosue on the Block of Discord; his furniture was very expensive because he used different types of woods and put them together; the wood was all from Indonesia; he created wood reliefs in his furniture; one of his designs that was really popular in beframes was to include a guardian angle
Rigalt i Granell
very well known stained glass maker of BCN; made the stained glass in Lleo Morera House, Three Dragons Castle, Casa Amatller, Palau de Musica (skylight), Sant Pau Hospital
Catalan version of Lalique; very inspired by his work and started their own work in Cataluna; very artistic and has value with nature; workshop is in Bailen Street and it looks like a greek temple; jewel work has a lot of symbolixm (women with wings and pearls); use the "art nouveau girl" a lot, she is very thin, has long hair, and is very elegant
Eusebi Arnau
sculptor that worked for a lot of architects; made sculptures for Casa Amatller, Sant Pau Hospital, Palau de Musica, in general he just made sculptures for architectual structures
Josep Lluimona
made sculptures alone (not for buildings); made sculpture on top of Arch de Triumph; used a different method of sculpting, used bronze which means he used molds first; used different techiniques and materials; made sculptures called First Communion and Sculpture to Dr. Roberts; sculptures in cemetaries are very important at this ttime and he made a lot of these; his wife died and his style of sculpture changed a lot, he always portrayed nude women who were very sad and weeping with hair covering their faces; most famous of these was called El desconsulo (means nothing can make you feel better); he also made a different type of Sant Jordi statue, this time Jorid is looking at the dragon to see if it is dead; he also made an alterpiece sculpture for the chapel in Casa Batillo
Alexandre de Riquer
was a wealthy man becaus his family was from the histocracy; he was a graphic designer and amde many posters and ex-libris; his posters were long and narrow and featured women (always dressed in Reniassance dresses with lots of curves and flowers) very art nouveau
William Morris
first man to have idea of arts and crafts in Birtan (where industrial revolution began) some people did not like the idea of having machines do everything, so they began to makes arts and crafts, eventually got very expensive
Charles Rennie Mackintosh
from Scottland, which is a characteristic that is seen a lot in his work; also see a lot of roses in his work as well; nature of his work is different though because he is always trying to made it geometrical (not organic and flowy); his work is always very illongated; in the school of architecture he met Herbert, McNair, and McDonald and they formed a group, the group made a poster of a woman for a competition and they won (woman is very illongated); they made a building for the school of architecture, it is very symmetric, uses iron, looks like a castle, curved lines, they designed furniture too (lots of high-back chairs); the whole building was very modern for its time; always there are two elements of Mackintosh: one very long and vertical element as well as a curvy element; lots of squares in his furniture, lamps in the libarary are very futuristic looking; very different for art nouveau because although he was inspired by nature, he was inspired in a very different way (very geometrical)
A House for an Art Lover
competition that Mackintosh entered hosever he didnt win bc the project was cancelled, however his work eventually got published and many people liked it; evenutally the worked was funded to be built; entrance is on one of the sides, not in the front of house; characteristics: symmetry, squares; inside: roses cover the walls (they are also very verticle); many women on inside, has one of his first all white rooms in this house (eventually this became a characteristic of him)
Hill House
designed by Mackintosh; was built during his life time; looks like a castle; round tower in it; entrance on side; columns with squares; inside is lots of white bc it is trying to accent the natural light bc they dont have a lot in the area
Paris Hector Guimard
very famous for the metro stops that he created in Paris; uses art nouveau in metro stops, use of iron and lots of organic looking features (look like growing plants); other use glass as an important element
School of Nancy
city in France that grew a lot in size when Germany won some land form France, so a lot of people moved to Nacy bc it was still within French borders; new style emerges from here; many famous people from here: Emile Galle, Louis Majoreue; Daum brothers
Emile Galle
artist that created a lot of different types of furniture, came from school of Nancy; focused a lot on glass; all his work was very organic and floral
Louis Majoreue
came from School of Nancy; he made furniture with lots of curved lines
Daum brothers
came from School of Nancy; made lots of glass items; also very inspired by furniture
Victor Orta
Belgian architect; art nouveau architect; his most famous characteristic is the continuing line that he always used, name for it is coup de fouet; de desinged the Hotel Tassed, on the facade, there are columns of iron however the base of the columns is very organic and not classical; in his work you see reliefs in different materials such as wood; inside the Hotel Tassed is a very important swirly mosaic, it continues his famous swirly line that continues up the walls and stairs