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cindered (pg. 2)
The cindered forest was scarey to walk through.
horrid (pg. 9)
shocking, dreadful, unkind, nasty
That is a horrid grade for my test that I studied for.
ruefully(pg. 9)
I ruefully gazed at my low grade and realized I should have studied.
cadence (pg. 10)
rhythm of marching feet (of a dance)
The cadence from the parade of people was rememberable.
forage (pg. 11)
food for animals (crops for livestock)
The farm ran out of forage.
curt (pg. 12)
rudely brief
She was very curt with her response.
toppled (pg. 12)
fall or make something fall over
The baby toppled many times when trying to learn to walk.
contemptuously (pg. 14)
strong dislike
I feel contemptuously towrad those people.
sauntered (pg. 14)
stroll (walk at an easy pace
I sauntered toward the dentist office.
tentatively (pg. 14)
could change (not set in stone)
Tentatively set the date for now and we will wait to see how the weather is.
pliable (pg. 14 & 19)
The plastic is very pliable.
remnant (pg. 15)
small part still left
There were only remnants left after the robbery.
vigor (pg. 15)
intensity, strength and energy
Vigor is a good description to explain the type of exercise required to be a marathon champion.
apprehensive (pg. 17)
I am apprehensive about the test on Friday.
menaced (pg. 17)
The menaced plot quickly dissolved.
astounding (pg. 20)
shocking or amazing
The results are astounding to see after such hard work.
immeasurably (pg. 22)
vast or huge
I am immeasurably grateful for you!
distorted (pg. 22)
inaccurately reported
I believe the totals of the votes were distorted to help the winner.
subsided (pg. 23)
diminished in intensity
The pain subsided after a while of staying still.
humbly (pg. 24)
I humbly ask for your opinion.
humility (pg. 26)
I have humility and realize my lack of experience when it comes to giving legal advice.
unbidden (pg. 29)
You are unbidden as of this moment!
relinquish (pg. 30)
to give up; sacrifice
I relinquish my rights to stay up later than my bedtime.