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the sympathetic trunks go from what to what
arise from upper cervicals along the head of the ribs and terminate at the ganglion impar
where are preganglionic cell bodies located?
lateral horn of the spinal cord from T1 through L2
visceral splanchnic nerves end up where?
celiac, superior and inferior mesenteric ganglia
The vagus nerve innervates?
PNS innervation to the entire GI tract from mouth to mid transverse colon....s2-4 does left half of transverse colon
parasympathetic sacral nerve fibers arise s2-s4 and exit ____ to join the ____
as pelvic splanchnic nerves and then join the inferior hypogastric and inferior mesenteric plexi...
where are the sympathetic viscerosomatic reflexes come from
t1 to L2
chapman's points for esophagus
medial 2nd intercostal spaces

t2 transverse processes
CP for stomach acidity
left medial 5th intercostal space

left 5th transverse process
CP for pancreas
right medial 7th intercostal space

right t7 transverse process
CP for liver
right 5th and 6th intercostal spaces

right t5 and t6 transverse processes
gall bladder chapmans points
right medial 6th intercostal space

right T6 transverse process
small intestine CP
medial 8th - 10th intercostal space

T8-10 transverse processes
Colon CP
anterior iliotibial bands

l2-l4 transverse processes