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to annoy greatly
exasperate (v)
very steep
precipitous (adj)
to fish/hunt illegally
poach (v)
to pin down
pinion (n/v)
property of a bride-to-be given to groom's family
dowry (n)
storage cellar
vault (n)
state of halfconsciousness
stupor (n)
not concious of surroundings
insensible (adj)
impressive looking
imposing (adj)
ghostly, unreal
spectral (adj)
dead, unfunct
expired (adj)
wrongly accused
maligned (adj)
angry, agressive
belligerent (adj)
obvious, noticeable
conspicuous (adj)
to attribute something to a cause
ascribe (v)
frequently occuring
chronic (adj)
to spread, pass on
transmitted (v)
softening of the effect by using a lesser critical term
euphemism (n)
delirium (n)
deeply unconscious
comatose (adj)
to indulge in sensuality
debauched (adj)