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GB 1
Half a unit lateral to the lateral canthus of the eye in a depression on the lateral side of the orbit.
GB 2
In the depression ventral to the intertragic notch, below SI 19, caudal to the TMJ
GB 21
In the depression cranial to the cranial border of the subclavius, dorsal to the dorsal border of the omotransversarius and dorsal to C7 at the midpoint of the length of the scapula.
GB 20
In a depression caudal to the occipital condyle, cranial to the wings of the atlas
In the 14th intercostal space, at the level of the costo-chondral junction, just caudodorsal to LIV14
GB 25
Midway between the caudal border of the costochondral junction of the 18th rib and the lumbar muscles
In the depression just medial to the dorsal portion of the tuber coxa
=Cain's Hock indicator point.
GB 27
In the depression just cranial to the mid portion of the cranial border of the tuber coxa. =SP 13= Cain's performance point
GB 28
in a depression just ventral to the ventral border of the tuber coxa. =ST 30
GB 29
In the depression midway on a line drawn from the ventral aspect of the tuber coxa to the palpable middle third of the 3rd trochanter of the femur. Alternate=immediately cranial to the coxafemoral joint.
GB 30
In a depression caudoventral to the greater trochanter of the femur, midway between the greater trochanter and the ischial tuberosity.(= stifle point)
GB 34
In the interosseous space between the tibia and fibula, between the long and lateral digital extensor muscles, cranial to the head of the fibula.
GB 39
3 cun proximal to the most lateral prominence of the lateral malleolus, caudal to the tibial border and cranial to the flexor hallicus longus.
(directly across from SP 6)
GB 40
Craniodistal to the tip of the lateral malleolus of the tibia , overlying the tendon of the lateral digital extensor.
GB 41
On the caudolateral surface of the metatarsus, at the junction of the proximal and middle thirds of the metatarsus, distal to the head of MC4, overlying the lateral palmar superfificial vein.
GB 44
proximal to the craniolateral aspect of the coronary band of the hinlimb.
General Therapeutic Use of GB Points
Eye, Ear, Hip/Caudal Back, POS along meridian.
Metal, Water, Wood, Fire Earth Points of GB Meridian
Metal=GB 44, Water=GB 43
Wood=GB 41, Fire=GB 38
Earth=GB 34
Yuan, Luo, Horary, Xi-Cleft,
Alarm and AEP of GB
Yuan=GB 40, Luo=GB 37,
Horary=GB 41, Xi-Cleft=GB 36
Alarm=GB 34
Stores?, Controls?, Pschologically?, No of Points?Peak Activety?, Transfers Qi to ?.
Bile, Sinews, Judgement, 44, 2300-2400 hours, Liver.