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Living mater originates from nonliving material. 1st recorded theory of life. Based on observation not religion
Scientific Method
1. ask a question?
2. Form a hypothesis
3. Gather data
4. Analyze Data
5. Conclusion
Modern Method
1. Ask a ?
2. investigate current knowledge base
3. Form hypothesis
4. test hypothesis
5. accept or reject hypothesis
Francesco Redi
1626-1698, Italy
1st to use scientific method to disprove Spontaneous Gen.
Maggot come from flies on meat
Antony Van Leewenhoek
1632-1723 Holland
Textile Merchant, amateur Scientist.
1st to obs. microscopic life
1st microscope,glass blower bubbles
Louis Pasteur
1822-1895 French
Disproved Sontaneous Generation. Pasteurization.
Swan Neck flasks. Dev. vaccination with attenuated organisms.
Holmes & Semmelweis
1809-1894 1818-1894
American Hungarian
Both were Physicians
Both dev. theories r/t death after childbirth. Midwives and Med students spread germs
Robert Koch
1843-1910, German Physician
Dev. modern technique to grow bacteria called Koch's Postulate
Edward Jenner
1749-1823, English Physician
Scrappings of cowpox to prev. smallpox to milkmaids
Paul Ehrlich
1854-1915, German,collegue of Robert Koch. Father of chemotherapy. Discovered tx for syphilis. Paved way for chemicals to treat disease
Alexander Flemming
1881-1955,British Bacterologist who discovered PCN a product of airborne mold. Tx of staph on Burn Victims.
Carolus Linnaeus
1707-1778, Swedish Botanist
Bionomial Nomanclature 2 names Genus species
dividing things into groups to name them.
Classic Kingdom Taxonomy
Modern Taxonomy
heating process which kills bacteria but does not kill yeast and organic compoundsl
Attenuated Vaccine
Vaccination with week organisms that will not cause disease.
Bionomial Nomanclature
organisms given two names
Generic (Genus)
specific (species)
ex. Staphalococcus aureus
Bright Field Microscopy
simple= 1lense
compound= more that 1 lense
Darkfield Microscopy
light is shined from the sides of the object. for obs. of live specimens.