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'o lenei mea o le 'ato
'o nei mea o 'ato
this thing is the bag
these things are the bags
'o lenā mea o le 'apu
'o nā mea o 'apu
that thing is the apple
those things are the apples
'o lelā mea o le ta'avale
'o lā mea o ta'avale
that thing is the car
those things are the cars
'o le pasi lelā mea
'o pasi lā mea
that's the bus
those are the busses
'o le va'alele lelā mea
'o va'alele lā mea
that's the airplane
those are the airplanes
'o le peni lenei a Ioane
'o peni nei a Ioane
this is Ioane's pen
those are Ioane's pens
'o le 'ato lenā a Miliama
'o 'ato nā a Miliama
that is Miliama's bag
these are Miliama's bags
'o le 'ofu lelā o Pita
'o 'ofu lā o Pita
that's Pita's dress
those are Pita's clothes
'o lenei tusi o le tusi a Sina
'o nei tusi o tusi a Sina
this dress is Sina's dress
these dresses are Sina's dresses
'o lenā laulau o le laulau a Petelo
'o nā laulau o laulau a Petelo
that table is Petelo's table
those tables are Petelo's tables