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'o le ta'avale
'o ta'avale
the car/the cars
'o le laulau
'o laulau
the table/the tables
'o le 'ato ma le tusi
'o 'ato ma tusi
the bag and the book
the bags and the books
'o le moli ma le fale
'o moli ma fale
the soap and the house
the soaps and the houses
'o le tama ma le teine
'o tama ma teine
the boy and the girl
the boys and the girls
'o le lā'au ma le 'auala
'o lā'au ma le 'auala
the tree and the road
the trees and the road
'o le 'ato a Ioane
'o 'ato a Ioane
the bag of Ioane
the bags of Ioane
'o le tusi a Mele
'o tusi a Mele
the book of Mele
the books of Mele
'o le se'evae a Simi
'o se'evae a Simi
the shoe of Simi
the shoes of Simi
'o le ta'avale a Pita
'o ta'avale a Pita
the car of Pita
the cars of Pita