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Also known as a mouth organ
Double Reed Pipe
komabue (right side)
name the Flute for komagaku and what side?

5 Strings

4 frets
Name instrument and how many strings and frets?
Used in Kangen only.
Koto, 13 strings, never used outdoors...therefore its kangen in togaku (left). Also used in saibara
Name instrument, how many strings, bugaku or kangen or both?
kakko is used in togaku (left side)
Name the Drum, and "side"
san no tsuzumi is the drum used in komagaku (right side)
Name this HOUR GLASS drum and when is it used?
gaku-daiko is used in the instrumental only indoor recital of togaku (kangen, left)
This drum is used for togaku (kangen)
This small gong is used in all foreign gagaku (togaku and komagaku)
Taiko is used in:
Togaku (Kangen) (Left side, indoor, instrumental)
Togaku (bugaku) (Left side, dance)
Komagaku (right side)
This drum is used in what kind(s) of gagaku?
Dadaiko is used for Bugaku, which is an outdoor dance, it is also used in Komagaku for uho (right).
What kind of drum is this and when is it used for outdoors?
Wagon is used only for indigenous, or native, rituals. It has six strings.
This indigenous instrument is used for Shinto rituals. How many strings?
Flute used in mikargura?
Kagura-bue (transverse Flute)
Flute used in in togaku, foreign indigenous songs, and vocal genres
"Koma" means
TÔ means
tsang dynasty
togaku's indoor left side recital with only instruments would be what?
True or False: Komagaku can be either kangen or bugaku?
False. Komagaku can only be bugaku (or dance), it is the "right side" of gagaku.
True or False: String instruments are sometimes played outdoors.
False! String instruments are not kangen.
True or False: gigaku is an acient pantomime born from the Wu dynasty
True. gigaku is a type of play done to gagaku music.
How many modes in togaku?
japanese word for scale, mode, or key
japanese word for rhythm or meter
How many modes for komagaku?
A Japanese poem with togaku style melody?
It's the "clapper" of gagaku indigenous music...
The chief of musicians in indigenous gagaku?
This annual event to celebrate God is on December 15th.
During Korei-sai (vernal and autumn equinox) this song is played?
Asuma-asobi is to pay respect to whom?
imperial ancestors
Mikagura means
God's Music
Cornoration music
A song commemorating the victory of the imperial family
Mai means
uta means
a dance accompanied by O-uta
goshei no mai features 5 young maidens--daughters of the musicians or ancient Noble class
Yuki Country is
Northeastern Japan
Suki Country is
Southwestern Japan
Song used for tuning
True or False: Komagaku is native gagaku music.
FALSE! Komagaku is foreign music that came in the 9th century. It is also known as the right side of Gagaku
What music is higher pitched and uses less instruments than togaku?
True or False: Komagaku doesn't not use string instruments.
True. Only togaku indoors uses string instruments.