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Roof of Thorax
Superior Thoracic Aperture
Floor of Thorax
Walls of Thorax (3)
Ribs + Thoracic Vertebrae + Sternum
Sternal Angle - level of what costal cartilage?
Level of 2nd Costal Cartilage
Costal Margins - costal cartilgaes of what 4 ribs?
Costal Cartilages of 7th-10th Ribs
Xiphoid-Costal Junction - what costal cartilage?
7th Costal Cartilage
Inferior Angle of Scapula - just above what rib?
just above 7th Rib
Sternal origin of Diaphragm
Xiphoid Process
Lumbar origin of Diaphragm - which 3 vertebra
L1 – L3
Aortic Hiatus of Diaphragm - which 1 vertebra
Esophageal Hiatus of Diaphragm - which 1 vertebra
Caval Foramen of Diaphragm - which 1 vertebra
Beginning of Trachea
Tracheal Bifurcation
Sternal Angle
Inferior Border of Lungs
-at Mid-Clavicular Line -at Mid-Axillary Line -at Scapular Line
at Mid-Clavicular Line: 6th rib
at Mid-Axillary Line: 8th rib
at Scapular Line: 10th rib
Costal Pleura Reflection
-at Mid-Clavicular Line -at Mid-Axillary Line -at Scapular Line
at Mid-Clavicular Line: 8th rib
at Mid-Axillary Line: 10th rib
at Scapular Line: 12th rib
Apex of Lung
2-4cm above medial 1/3 of Clavicle
Oblique Fissure of Lung
-Posteriorly: what vertebra
-Anteriorly (Mid-Clavicular): what rib
Posteriorly - T2-T3
Anteriorly (Mid-Clavicular) - 6th Rib
Horizontal Fissure of Lung
-Mid-Axillary (Intersect. w/Oblique Fissure): what rib
-Mid-Clavicular: what costal cartilage?
Mid-Axillary: around 5th Rib
Mid-Clavicular: 4th Costal Cartilage
Lateral Deviation of Left Sternal Pleural Reflection - what costal cartilage?
around 4th Costal Cartilage
Separation of Superior and Inferior Mediastinum
plane passing between T4/T5 Intervertebral disc and Sternal Angle
Cardiac Plexus (2)
Tracheal Bifurcation & Right Pulmonary A.
Inferior Border of Heart
Xiphoid-Costal Junction
Right Border of Heart
-Upper Limit: what costal cartilage
Right Border of Heart: slightly lateral to right side of sternum
Upper Limit: Right 3rd Costal Cartilage
Left Border of Heart
-Upper Limit
-Lower Limit
Left Border of Heart: significantly lateral to left side of sternum

-Upper Limit: Sternal Angle

-Lower Limit: “Left Ventricular Area”
“Base of Heart”
Left/Right 2nd Intercostal Spaces (close to sternum)
“Right Ventricular Area” - what 3 intercostal spaces
3rd-5th Intercostal Spaces (along sternal border)
“Left Ventricular Area” - what intercostal space
4th or 5th Intercostal Spaces, 7-9cm left of mid-sternal line
Auscultate Tricuspid Valve - what intercostal spaces and what side
4th-5th LEFT Intercostal Spaces near sternum
Auscultate Mitral Valve
“Left Ventricular Area”
Auscultate Pulmonary Valve - what side of base of heart
LEFT side “Base of Heart"
Auscultate Aortic Valve - what side of base of heart
RIGHT side “Base of Heart”
Origins of Left/Right Brachiocephalic Veins - above what joints
just above left/right sternoclavicular joints
Origin of SVC - what costal cartilage
lower border of 1st Costal Cartilage
SVC’s entrance into Right Atrium - what costal cartilage and what side
RIGHT 3rd Costal Cartilage
IVC’s entrance into Right Atrium - superior to what
just superior to diaphragm (through caval opening)
Aortic Arch
Sternal Angle
Union of SVC & Azygos Vein - above what
Above Root of RIGHT Lung
Branching of LEFT Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve
near Aortic Arch