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Chapter 8
The New England Colonies
Ships leaving the West Indies traveled __(direction)__ to New York.
Why did Thomas Hooker leave Massachusetts to found Connecticut?
He disagreed with Puritan leaders.
In most colonial New England villages, the minister's house was located next to __________.
the church
Ice Age waves cut hundreds of __________ into New England's coastline.
What did ships carry from Africa to the West Indies?
The trip from the West Indies to Boston was about __________ miles.
In most colonial New England villages, the tallest building was the __________.
In most colonial New England villages, the stocks and the __________ are located on the common.
Ships from New York and Boston crossed the __________ to reach Africa.
Atlantic Ocean
The English colonies were located on which continent?
North America
In most colonial New England villages, the church also served as the __________.
meeting house
The Puritan leaders banished Ann Huthinson because she __________.
disagreed with some Puritan ways
By working and praying together, the Puritans created __________.
a strong sense of community
What was the purpose of education in colonial New England towns?
to learn to read the bible
Who was the Wampanoag leader during King Philip's War?
Roger Williams founded a new colony in Rhode Island because he felt the government of Massachusetts __________.
tried to control people's lives
The harsh New England climate made it difficult for people to __________.
grow crops
Why did John Winthrop call Massachusetts "a city upon a hill"?
He expected it to be an example of how God wanted all people to live.
How did the Ice Age glaciers affect the geography of New England?
They left a rocky thin soil.
An open field at the center of a village is called a __________.
New England colonists earned a living through fishing, trading, and __________.
What happened to the Africans who were brought to North America?
They were enslaved.
The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut was the first written plan for an English colony's own __________.
Ship's captains who worked the triangular trade sailed between New England, Africa, and __________.
the West Indies
The Indians and the colonists fought King Philip's War over __________.
Someone who will not obey the person or people in charge is a __________.
A position of power and responsibility is called __________.
an office
Rule by the people is called __________.
a democracy
Where did the New England colonists discuss problems and vote on issues?
at town meetings