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A union of people who join together for a common purpose is a __________.
Chapter 4
The Indians of North America
The host of a __________ gives gifts of baskets, blankets, carved boxes, clothing, and jewelry to his honored guests.
Plants, animals, and soil are parts of your __________.
The Spanish word for "village" or "town" is __________.
A vast frozen plain is called __________.
Deganawida and Hiawatha persuaded the Iroquois to __________.
stop fighting
The Inuit admire people who are willing to share because __________.
resources are very scarce
Religion is very important to the Pueblo because it __________.
teaches them how to live
The Indian groups that existed throughout North America __________.
built different kinds of shelters
How did the arrival of the horse change the lives of the Plains Indians?
Traveling on horseback made following the buffalo much easier.
The totem pole stood in front of a family's home to __________ a family member.
The Hopi believe that the kachinas bring them __________.
healthy crops
Horses made it possible for the Plains Indians to __________.
move their camps more easily
Because food was easy to find, the California Indians were able to __________.
live comfortably
The Iroquois formed the Iroquois League to __________.
bring about a future of peace
In what way were all the Indian groups of North America alike?
They deeply loved the land.
Which of these Indian groups lived along the Northwest Coast?
Osage - Chinook - Navajo - Zuni
the Chinook
In which region did the Nez Perce Indians live?
Basin and Plateau
Which of these is a California Indian?
Pueblo - Comanche - Hopi - Pomo
The Eastern Woodland Indians who lived the farthest south were the __________.
Creek - Iroquois - Narraganset - Apache
Which of the following words signals and effect?
why - because of - since - as a result
as a result
As a result of their dependence on the buffalo, the Plains Indians __________.
had to follow them
Why were both the Eastern Woodlands and California Indians able to live in villages?
Food and materials for shelter were plentiful.
How did the Pueblo farmers adapt to the dry climate of the Southwest?
They irrigated their land.
How did the Indians of the Great Basin survive the harsh climate?
They stored food for the winter.
The Indians did not believe in buying and selling land because they __________.
saw the land as part of themselves
The united __________ were the most powerful Eastern Woodland people.
Which groups lived in the Plains region?
Cheyenne and Sioux - Pomo and Pueblo - Iroquois and Narraganset - Apache and Navajo
the Cheyenne and the Sioux
Why was the buffalo important to the survival of the Plains Indians?
They used the buffalo for food, clothing, and shelter.
Prayers for rain are a big part of Pueblo religious ceremonies because __________.
There is always a need for water in the Southwest.