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Chapter 17
The Civil War and Reconstruction
The Confederate steamship Merrimac was special because it was __________.
covered with iron
Northerners who moved to the South after the Civil War were called __________.
The separation of people is called __________.
Laws passed to control newly freed captives in the South were called __________.
Black Codes
The time of rebuilding after the Civil War was called __________.
To charge the President with wrongdoing while in office is to __________.
Union troops expected an easy victory because the North had __________.
more people and greater wealth
After the Emancipation Proclamation, many African American men __________.
joined the Union Army
How did President Lincoln and General Scott plan to divide the South?
by seizing the Mississippi River
The Fourteenth Amendment says that all U.S. citizens must __________.
be treated equally under the law
The purpose of General Grant's "total war" plan was to __________.
destroy the South's ability and will to fight
On April 9, 1865, General Lee surrendered to General Grant at __________.
The goal of the Confederacy during the Civil War was to __________.
become an independent country
During Reconstruction, many African Americans __________.
became political leaders
President Lincoln believed that no state had the right to __________.
secede from the Union
In 1863 General Robert E. Lee invaded the North in an attempt to __________.
cut off Washington, D.C.
The Civil War began with the __________.
Confederate attack on Fort Sumter
One reason the North fought the Civil War was to keep __________.
the United States together
After reconstruction ended in 1877, African Americans in the South __________.
had their rights taken away
Fort Sumter is located in __________.
South Carolina
The Battle of Vicksburg was fought in the state of __________.
Richmond is located about how many miles from Washington, D.C.?
100 miles
In which state did the Confederacy have the most victories?
After the Civil War, many members of Congress wanted to __________.
punish Southerners who rebelled
Which of these states was part of the Confederacy?
Kentucky - Missouri - Tennessee - West Virginia