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A narrow waterway dug for boat travel is called a __________.
A kind of water elevator that moves boats to higher or lower levels is called a __________.
A formal agreement between two countries is called a __________.
The fur trappers who hunted beavers in the West were known as __________.
Mountain Men
Who led the army that won independence for Texas from Mexico?
Sam Houston
Who developed a new method of transportation during the early 1800s?
Robert Fulton
The United States acquired much of its western territories after it signed agreements with Mexico and __________.
Great Britain
Why did Americans prefer to travel by water in the 1800s?
Water travel was cheap and fast.
What happened when Mexico and the United States disagreed over where the Texas border was located?
The war with Mexico began.
What does the term "Oregon fever" mean?
the desire of people to move west
What was a major force in bringing new settlers to the West?
What sparked the growth of factories in the Northeast during the 1800s?
new inventions
Who surrendered at the Battle of San Jacinto?
Santa Anna
Stories about the rich farmland and good harbors in the Northwest led people to __________.
move to Oregon
The cotton gin contributed to the increase in the number of __________ in the East.
What made white settlement of the West possible?
new methods of transportation
The Erie Canal was important because it __________.
decreased the cost of shipping
The desire for religious freedom played a role in the __________.
white settlement of the West
Why did Texans cry "Remember the Alamo"?
Americans died defending the fort.
What happened as a result of mass production?
Workers were able to produce more goods in less time.
In which city did the Old Spanish Trail end?
Los Angeles
Chapter 15
America on the Move
In which city did the Santa Fe Trail and the Oregon Trail begin?
Which river did the northwestern part of the Oregon Trail follow?
the Columbia River
Which trail that led to San Francisco also branched off from the Oregon Trail?
the California Trail
From Santa Fe, which trail led to California?
the Old Spanish Trail
Explain how the steamboat changed American life in the 1800s.
made water travel upstream much quicker
Explain how the railroad steam engine changed American life in the 1800s.
traveled faster than horse drawn railroads - carried more than horse drawn railroads - by 1860 Americans could travel by rail between most large cities
Explain how the cotton gin changed American life in the 1800s.
could clean 50 times as much cotton as a person working by hand - Southern planters began growing more cotton and started buying more slaves
Explain how the spinning machine changed American life in the 1800s.
it made thread - factories sprang up near rivers - many farm girls became mill girls, living in boarding houses near the mills