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A person chosen by the people to represent them is __________.
a delegate
A plan of government is known as a __________.
Additions to the United States Constitution are called __________.
One way the President checks the power of Congress is by __________.
The judicial branch of the government is headed by the __________.
Supreme Court
What document divided the land north of the Ohio River from the Appalachians to the Mississippi River into smaller territories?
Northwest Ordinance
Who was known as the "Father of the Constitution"?
James Madison
What does the legislative branch of the government do?
makes laws
What part of the Constitution protects United States citizens' freedom of speech?
Bill of Rights
A federal government is a government in which __________.
power is shared between the national and state governments
George Washington was our nation's first __________.
A system of checks and balances keeps any branch of the government from becoming too __________.
The first plan of government approved by Congress was the __________.
Articles of Confederation
James Madison's plan for the Constitution called for __________.
a strong central government
The Northwest Ordinance helped the United States __________.
expand its boundaries
The Federalist party was based on the views of __________.
Alexander Hamilton
George Washington helped to make sure the new government set up by the Constitution ran smoothly by discussing problems with his __________.
Under the Articles of Confederation, the government was weak because it had no control over the __________.
The Preamble to the Constitution lists the government's __________.
The Great Compromise established that __________.
Congress would have two houses
What present-day state was part of the Northwest Territory?
The land west of the Northwest Territory was owned by __________.
The western border of the Northwest Territory was formed by __________.
the Mississippi River
The land just south of the Northwest Territory was claimed by __________.
Which Great Lake did not border the Northwest Territory?
The executive branch of the government may check the power of the legislative branch by __________.
vetoing laws
The legislative branch may check the power of the judicial branch by __________.
approving appointments of judges
Does the judicial branch grant pardons?
Does the judicial branch impeach judges?
Does the judicial branch decide what laws mean?
Congress can balance the President's power to appoint judges by __________.
impeaching judges
The judicial branch balances Congress's power to make laws by __________.
ruling if laws are constitutional
Does the judicial branch appoint executive officers?
Chapter 13
The Constitution