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Chapter 10
The Southern Colonies
A crop grown to be sold for a profit is a __________.
cash crop
The Southern Colony of Georgia was begun as a refuge for __________.
What was the intention of the men who founded Carolina?
to earn money
The economy of the Southern Colonies grew mainly due to __________.
The Outer Banks off the coast of North Carolina are a chain of __________.
The Spanish territory of Florida was located to the __________ of the Southern Colonies.
Planters began using enslaved people instead of indentured servants because __________.
they could make more money using enslaved Africans
How many Southern Colonies were there?
Most enslaved people in the Southern Colonies could expect to __________.
work hard for their entire lives
Under what conditions did most enslaved people on plantations live?
sleeping on floors or benches
What was the population of the Southern Colonies in 1720?
The Southern Colonies were good for farming because their climate is __________.
warm most of the year
Enslaved Africans could sometimes earn money by __________.
working for other planters
Unlike tidewater Virginia, the backwater of Virginia was __________.
inhabited by rough colonists
Most planters in the Southern Colonies lived lives of great __________.
The majority of towns in the Southern Colonies remained small because __________.
life centered around plantations
A graph is a diagram that helps you __________.
compare facts and figures
Which word best describes the soil found in the Southern Colonies?
rocky - barren - sandy - fertile
The colony of Maryland was begun as a refuge for __________.
A person who owns property or a business is called a __________.
A low-lying coastal plain that is full of waterways is called a __________
Mount Vernon was the childhood home of __________.
George Washington
Someone hired by a planter to enforce his rules was called __________.
an overseer
To the west of the Southern Colonies lay the __________.
Appalachian Mountains
In the Southern Colonies, very large farms were called __________.
Which Southern Colony was farthest north?
Which river formed a border between the colonies of Virginia and Maryland?
the Potomac