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what is blastoconidia
asexual fungal spore of Blastocy
what dz are caused by inhalation of asexual spores
cocci and histo
describe difft forms of candida
in cx its a budding yeast with pseudohyphae, germ tube formation at 37 degrees
what does dimorphic mean? ex?
cold=mold (soil)
heat=yeast (tissue)
ex: histo, para, blasto
cocci in tissue is...
a spherule (not a yeast)
captain's wheel appearance
risk for histo?
bird and bat droppings
in histology slide where do you look for histo
intracellular yeast, often in macrophages
caused by Malassezia furfur
tinea versicolor
hypopigmented skin lesions in hut humid climate
tinea versicolor
treatment tinea versicolo
topical miconazole, selenium sulfide (Selsun)
describe tinea nigra
brownish spot caused by infxn of keratinized layer of skin
what causes tinea nigra
Cladosporium werneckii
tx tinea nigra
salycilic acid topically
what are the dermatophytes
Microsporum, Trichophyton, Epidermophyton
which dermatophytes cause skin? nails? hair?
nails-tricho or epidermo
hair-tricho or microspor
skin-all 3
in other words
epidermo=skin and nails
microsporum=hair and skin
what see in tinea pedis cx
mold hyphae in KOH prep (not dimorphic)
reservoir for Microsporum
name the systemic mycoses
cocci, histo, paracocci, blasto
name 4 opport fungal
candida, aspergillus, cryptococcus, mucor and rhizopus
cx of Asperg
mold (only) with septate hyphae branching "V" shape
cx Mucor
irregular, nonseptate hyphae branching at wide angle
cx Cryptococcus
heavily encapsulated yeast (wide halo) narrow based unequal budding, stain w India ink, but can use latex agglut detecting capsular Ag
who do you see Mucor in
DKA, leukemia
shows unequal budding
describe illness of Sporothrix
local pustule or ulcer with nodules leading to ascending lymphangitis
protozoa found as cysts in water
Entamoeba, Giardia, Crypto
what are the 2 Cypto orgs
Cryptococcus neoformans=fungus
transmission toxoplasma
cysts in meat or cat feces
how dx toxo
tx toxoplasma
sulfadiazine + pyrimethamine
trichomonas vaginalis dx, tx
trophozoites on wet mount, tx with Met
trypansoma gambiense or rhodesiense, transmit, dz, tx
African sleeping
transmit by Tsetse fly
tx: suramin (for CNS penetration need melarsoprol)
Leishmania donovani, transmit and dx and tx
transmit- sandfly
dx-macro with amastigotes
tx-Na stibogluconate
what does Ixodes tick transmit
Babesia (Babesiosis) and Lyme
Naegleria (transmit, dz, dx, tx)
get from swimming in freshwater lakes, produces rapidly fatal meningitis. dx amebas in spinal fluid.
no tx
Chagas caused by what bug? tx?
Trypanosoma cruzi,
transmit via reduvid bug
tx with Nifurtimox
sandfly transmits
deer fly=Loa loa
tsetse fly=Chagas
female blackfly=Onchocerca volvulus
deer fly transmits
Loa loa
tsetse fly=Chagas
female blackfly=Onchocerca volvulus
anopheles transmit
(mosquito) malaria
PBS maltese cross? tx?
Babesia, tx with quinine or clinda
difft protozoal diarrheas and tx
RUQ pain:
RUQ pain:Entamoeba
smelly: giardia
mild:Cryptosporid (except in HIV)
all tx with Met exc Cryptospor which is not tx
Taenia Solium (transmit, dz, tx)
undercooked pork tapeworm, larvae cause mass lesions in brain, cysitcercosis
tx: Praziquantel/niclosamide but for cysticercosis use albendazole
watch out bird droppings
fungus Histoplasmosis (also bat), Cryptococcus (pigeon droppings and soil)
watch out for cats
cat feces-protozoa Toxoplasma (dog feces protozoa Echinococcus granulosus and bac Yersinia Entercolitis)
deer dz's
Lyme, Francisella (deer and rabbits)
[Brucella other animals]
difft 2 vaginitis
both smelly, yucky!
bac gardnerella vaginalis: nonpainful, see clue cells, tx Met
protozoa Trichomonas vaginalis: itching and burnins, dx by trophozoites on wet mount, also tx Met
Echinococcus granulosus(transmit, dz, tx)
eggs in dog feces
cysts in liver, anaphylaxis if those Ag's are released
another name for tapeworms
name 2 cestodes
Taenia solium, Echinococcus granulosus
another name flukes
name 3 trematodes
Schistosoma, Clonorchis sinensis, Paragonimus westermani
another name round worms
name some nematodes
Strongyloides, Trichinella, Dracunculus, Loa loa, Onchocerca, Toxocara, Wucheria
Ancylostoma duodenale
giant round worm
Ascaris lumbricoides
pin worm
Enterobius vermicularis
Ancylostoma duodenale (transmit, dz, tx)
=hookworm a nematode
larvae penetrate feet,
intestinal infxn (inc anemia)
Mebendazole/pyrantel pamoate
Schistosoma(transmit, dz, tx)
=a trematode
snails are host, cercariae penetrate skin
spleen, liver granulomas, fibrosis, inflamm
Clonorchis sinesis(transmit, dz, tx)
=a trematode (fluke)
undercooked fish
inflamm biliary tract
Paragonimus Westermani (transmit, dz, tx)
=trematode (fluke)
undercooked crab meat
lung inflamm and 2 bac infxn
Ascaris lumbricoides (transmit, dz, tx)
=giant round worm a nematode
eggs visible in feces,
causes intestinal infxn
Mebend/pyrantel pamoate
Strongyloides Stercoralis(transmit, dz, tx)
a nematode
larve in soil penetrate skin
intestinal infxn
Trichinella spiralis(transmit, dz, tx)
a nematode
undercooked meat, usu pork
inflamm mscl, periorbital edema
Dracunculus medinensis(transmit, dz, tx)
a nematode
drinking water
skin inflamm, ulcer
Loa loa(transmit, dz, tx)
a nematode
deer fly
swelling in skin (worm in conjunctiva)
Onchocerca volvulus(transmit, dz, tx)
female black fly
river blindness
causes river blindness? transmitted by?
onchocerca volvulus, female black fly
Toxocara canis
a nematode
food contam w eggs
granulomas (if in retina blindness) and visceral larva migrans
Weshceria bancrofti
a nematode
female mosquito
helminth micro anemia
Ancylostoma, Necator
helminth hemoptysis
Paragonimus westermani
hematuria helminth
Schistosoma (also bladder cancer and portal HTN)
helminth biliary tract problems
Clonorchis sinensis
B12 defic
Diphyllobothrium latum
various mosquitos