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What is a plasmodium?
an amoebiod mass of protoplasm that has many nuclei and no definite cell wall; key characteristic of Protozoa
What are characteristics of Plasmodiophoromycota?
1) Biotrophs (obligate parasites)
2) Survive in soil many years as resting spores
3) Plasmodium lives off host cells
4) Stimulates host cell to enlarge (hypertrophy) and divide (hyperplasia)
5) Spread from plant to plant by zoospores, soil or water containing resting spores, and infected plants
6) Some vector viruses
7)ie: Clubroot of cabbage (Plasmodiophora brassicae)
What are characteristics of Chromista (Oomycota)?
1)Cell walls are made of glucan and cellulose
2) Coenocytic (no septation)
3) Have biflagellate zoospores in zoosporangia
4) Sexual stage--oospores
Compare Oomycota and Fungi.
Oomycota has cell walls of glucan and cellulose. Fungi has cell walls of chitin and cellulose.
What is the ecology, morphology, and lifecycle of Peronosporales?
Ecology--terrestial, plant parasites
Morphology-produce haustoria
Life cycle-diploid, zoospores released aerially
What are haustoria?
specialized branch that extends from an intercellular hypha into a living host cell, serving as a n;utrient absorptive organ for the fungus
What are the above ground and below ground diseases caused by Oomycota?
Above ground--downy mildews
Below ground--Pythium and some Phytophthoras like late blight of potato
What is the anteridium and oogonium?
Anteridium--male sexual organ
Oogonium--female sexual organ
What are some characteristics of downy mildews?
1) rapid and severe losses
2) destroy 40-90% of crop
3) severity depends on prolonged cool, wet weather
4) produce sporangia on sporangiophores that branch in distinctive ways
sporangia located at tips of branches
6) germinate by germ tubes, but may produce zoosporangium