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What position provides full expansion of lungs and provides better visulization of symmetry of upper body parts.
Hint: Areas assessed; head, neck, thorax, lungs, heart, upper extremities
Sitting Position
What position is the most normally relaed position? It provides easy access to pulse sites?
Hint: Areas assessed; head, neck, anterior thorax, breasts, heart, abdomen, ect.
Supine Position
What position is used for abdominal assessment because it promotes relaxation of abdominal muscles?
Hint: areas assessed; head, neck, abdomen, heart, breast
Knees are flexed
Dorsal Recumbent Positon
What position provides maximal exposure of genitalia and facilitates insertion of vaginal speculum?
Hint: areas assessed; famale genitalia and genital tract
Lithotomy Position
What position has flexion of hip and knee to improve exposure of the rectal area?
Hint: areas assessed; rectum and vagina
Sims Position
What postion is used only to assess extension of the hip joint?
Hint: areas asseses; musculoskeletal system
Prone Positon
or laying on ur stomach with head in arms
What position aids in detecting murmurs?
Hint: areas assessed; heart
Lateral Recumbent Position
or laying on your side
What positon provides maximum exposure of the rectal area?
Hint: areas assesed; rectum
Knee-chest Positon
Which region is the centermost region, deep to and surrounding the umbilicus?
Umbilical Region
belly button
Which region is located superior the umbilical region?
Epigastric Region
Which region is inferior to the umbilical region?
small intestine
Hypogastric Region
Which regions are lateral to the hypogastric regaion?
hip bones
Right and Left Iliac or Inguinal Regions
Which regions lie lateral to the umbilical region?
Right and Left Lumbar Regions
Which regaions flank the epigastric regaion and contain the lower ribs?
Right and Left Hypochondriac Regions