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The IV cannula has to be changed how often?
Every 48-72 hours
Someone who has severe diarrhea and vomiting. They're hooked up to an IV for what purpose?
replenishing fluids
A PICC line or midline catheter should be inserted if therapy is to last longer than ??
14 days
An infusion of 3000 ml of 5 percent dextrose in water has how many calories?
What is the advantage of adding a second line piggyback?
The patient needs only one IV site
Using a plastic IV cannula rather than a metal needle has the advantage of??
Less chance of infiltration
What are the most common complications of IV therapy?
Swelling and coolness of the site
Why is the IV cannula changed every 72 hours?
To prevent Phlebitis from occuring
What can be used to dialate veins?
Warm soaks
IVF changed every
24 hours
IV tubing changed every
24-48 hours
IV sites changed every:
72 hours
Check IV sites how often?
1X hourly
Phlebitis symptoms:
RED WARM PAINFUL Red streak along vein, vein feels cordlike
Check for blood return by ??
Lowering bag
S/S of infiltration?
SIte feels cool and puffy
Blood consent good for how long?
72 hours
Catheter size?
IF pt has a bad reaction to blood transfusion:
Shut blood off and run saline (Notify MD)
What must you do with a Y set?
Run NSS first to wet the screen
When first setting up IV watch for
Chills, temp rash - monitor every 5 mins for 20 mins
Blood can be given for a min of ___ and a max of ____
2 hours and 4 hours
What can be hung with blood?
What do you need to know about K+
Always diluted in fluid and never given as a bolus because it can cause cardiac arrhythmia and arrest
A Butterfly needle is used when?
Very short term therapy
ON a PRN saline or heparin lock, how often do you change the tubing?
Every 24 hours
Height of infusion container
36 inches above the heart
The IV pole has to be how far above the site?
18 inches
What is Red Man syndrome?
Caused by fast Vancomycin infiltration
What is the minimum in an IV bag before you have to change it?
50 ccs
What is speed shock?
Flushed face, severe headache, irregular pulse decreased BP
What is thrombophlebitis
Blood clot at end of catheter - site red, tender, warm IV infusion sluggish
IF you have phlebitis, what will you see?
Pus, hard vein, red swollen tender skin, blood return
LPNS can not do what?
Hang blood
What is a PICC?
Peripherally inserted central catheters.
Do not take the pressure on an arm that has a picc or ML catheter
How long can an infusion port be left in?
5 years
Which bag is higher? Primary or secondary?
How often should the site be assessed?
Every shift
Filters - what is used for most solutions?
0.22 micron
Filters - what is used for lipids?
1.2 micron filter
Where is a controlled volume set used?
What is an advantage of piggyback?
When the smaller bag has been infused, the primary starts again
What are regular drops
10-20 gtt/ml
What are macrodrops?
10 gtt/ml
What are microdrops?
60 gtt per ml
After hanging IV meds, check for allergic reactions when?
15-30 mins
What tubing goes into the patient?
Primary tubing
How often do you check the infusion pump?
Every 1-2 hours
The average adult needs how much fluid?
1500-2000 ml
What is a hypotonic solution?
0.45 saline
What is given for cerebral edema?
What is the nurses vein?
Cephalic vein
What is a bolus
Concentrated dose of IV meds
Do you change the IV cannula every 24 hours, true or false?
1000 ML of 5 percent dextrose is how many calories?
Is 5 percent dextrose in water an electrolyte?
What do you do if there's an air embolus?
Trendelenburg position, place on left side check for leak, notify MD
What do you do if there's infiltration?
Remove IV catheter and restart IV in other extremity
How much air can kill a person?
50 - 80 ccs (10-15 for an elderly person)