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Bevel is what?
Slanted part of needle tip
If an order reads 75 mg meperdine, 25 mg promethiazine IM on call which syringe and needle would be the best choice for the injection of the patient is a normal adult?
3 CC syringe with 22 gauge 1 1/2 inch needle
Visible elevation of the epidermis is what?
What is a cannula?
Hollow shaft
Heparin sodium 5000 sc is ordered. Using a 25 gauge 5/8 inch needle this medication should be injected how?
At a 45 degree angle
What is the core?
Small circular piece at center
What is diluent
Fluid to dissolve solute
Lumen is what?
The interior diameter
Solute is what?
Solid material or particles
Urticaria is what?
Red elevated wheals
Skin testing for reaction to various substances is performed using ????
Intradermal injection
The proper technique for administering a Z track injection is to:
Pull the tissue to the side laterally, then insert the needle at a 90 degree angle
Medications given by injection are termed _____?
Very irritating drugs should be given how?
Z track
Very small amounts of drugs are given how?
Tuberculin needle
What must you do if giving two drugs together?
Check for compatibility
a 1 1/2 inch 20 gauge needle would be used for what?
Intramuscular injection
A 1/4 inch 27 gauge needle would be used for what?
TB syringe is used for what?
An injection placesd in the tissue above the muscle layer is called?
3 CCs of medication must be placed:
20 U of insulin would be given how?
5000 U of heparin would be given how?
A tuberculin test is given how?
When drawing up medication from a vial the nurse knows to:
Inject an equivalent amount of air into the vial for the medication to be withdrawn.
Heparin should be injected at what angle?
90 degrees
A sign that an intradermal injection is successful:
A bleb forms at the site
When do you use a filter needle?
When fragments of glass could be in the med
What do you do if the patient acts shocky?
Administer a corticosteroid injection
When using the leg for an injection the landmarks include:
The head of the greater trochanter
The advantage of subcutaneous over intramuscular is what?
Less discomfort for the patient
Incompatible drugs in a syringe may:
Render one or both meds inactive