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Most injectable medications are prepared as an _____ solution
Many antibiotics must be ____.
Injection needles have a ______tip.
What is it called when a nurse jabs herself with a needle?
Needle stick
If a patient begins to show signs of anaphylactic shock after an injection, the nurse would call for help and:
Maintain an open airway and respiration
The Mantoux test is positive when what?
The area of induration measures 10 plus mm
What is it called when you pull back on the plunger to see if fluid is obtained?
What's the maximum that can go in a muscle?
3 CCs
The common lengths for sub Q are what?
3/8 and 5/8
What are the common lengths for IM shots?
one inch and 1 1/2 inches
The higher number of the lumen the _____ the needle.
If you aspirate and get blood, what do you do?
Start over
For testing purposes, what is the first choice muscle?
What's the ideal muscle for children and infants?
Vastus lateralis
The maximum that can be given in one IM deltoid injection (husky adult) is?
1 ml
Most commonly used for SC is?
5/8 inch
The nurse wraws .2 ml of air into the syringe before giving an IM injection to:
Clear the drug from the needle and seal the track after injection
What would you select to give a thin solution to a child?
25 gauge
What must you keep sterile when giving an injection?
Needle shaft and tip
What are the sites for intramuscular injections?
Vastus lateralis
Rectus femoris
What is usually used for an IM injection?
A 2-3 ml Syringe with a 1 to 1 1/2 inch needle that is 23 to 20 gauge
Air is injected how?
In an equal amount to the solution to be withdrawn to prevent creating a vacuumn in the vial
Rotation of sites for medications given in series prevents:
fibrosis of the tissue
What is the safest IM site for an adult?
What is induration?
Quality of being hard
When giving a sub Q injection, what angle do you use?
90 for a shorter needle
45 for a longer needle
What is the largest needle you will normally use?
What needles are used for viscous liquids?
21 or 22
When don't you aspirate?
Heparin or insulin
intradermal goes in at what degree?