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If an order reads 75 mg meperdine, 25 mg promethazine IM on call, and the total volume of the injection is 2 CCs what syringe would be best choice for a normal size adult?
3 CC syringe with 22 gauge 1 1/2 inch needle
The lumen is what?
Opening or interior diameter
What is urticaria
Red elevated Wheals
Heparin sodium 5000 SC is ordered for the patient. Using a 25 gauge 58 inch needle, this medication should be injected at what angle?
45 degrees
How is skin testing for reaction to various substances performed?
Intradermal injection
What's another name for meds given by injection
Vistaril should be given how?
Z track
Very small amounts of medication are given how?
Tuberculin needle
Subcutaneous injections are absorbed more slowly than??
When is parenteral route used?
Pt can't take meds by mouth
Hasten action of drug
Digestion would counter effects of drug
When administering a parenteral injection what precautions?
# right dose
# right site
# sterile equipment aseptic technique
Preferred sites for Sub Q injections are:
Outer portion of upper arm
Anterior thigh
How do you administer Insulin?
Minipen -
If you are injecting Insulin or heparin do NOT!
aspirate for blood
The proper technique for administering a Z track injection is to:
Pull the tissue at the site laterally, then insert the needle at a 90 degree angle
When injection bevel is ????
What do you avoid touching on a syringe?
Needle shaft and inside of plunger
What are the most frequent IM sites?
Deltoid dorsogluteal ventrogluteal Vastus lateralis Rectus femoris
What are the symptoms of anaphylactic shock?
bronchiolar constriction
circulatory collapse
When a 5/8 inch needle is used for SQ injection, what should be the angle of injection?
45 or 90 degrees
Tuberculin syringes are calibrated to inject how much?
Tenths of a ml or cc
Typical diluents for mixing drugs Are??
Sterile water
An ______ can be used when giving an IM injection to clear the needle of medication and seal the track.
Air Lock
How do you know when an intradermal injection is successful?
If a patient shows signs of anaphylactic shock what do you do?
Airway and respiration