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If a route is not given in a med order you would:
Call the physician
A primary requirement when administering a medication per order is that the:
Dosage bee within safe limits
In most agencies when there is an order for meperdine 50 mg IM, q4h, PRN pain the emedication may be given:
Up to 72 hours
The major advantage of the unit dose system is that it:
Reduces errors
When preparing meds, the FIRST essential step you take is to:
Compare the label drug name with the order on the medication administration record
If you have doubts about the accuracy of a drug order, what do you do first?
Compare the order with the physician's order sheet
What are the five rights
Right time right dose right drug right patient right route
Most narcotic orders are good for how long?
3 days
Doses of meds are recorded where?
Medication administration record
What is the most common drug dispensing system?
Unit dose
Is aerosol a topical medication?
Opthalmic meds are administered how?
Surgical asepsis
A decompression tube is clamped for how long?
30-60 minutes
What position should the patient be in for a suppository?
Left Sims
What do you do when administering eye meds?
Put pressure on the lacrimal ducts
What is MDI
Metered Dose Inhaler
What is a vaginal irrigation called?