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If you have doubts about the accuracy of a drug order on the medication record, what do you do first?
Compare the order with the Physician's order sheet
aa means??
of each
What regulates dispensing and handling of all controlled substances?
The comprehensive Drug abuse Prevention and control act of 1970
What do drugs do?
Stimulate or depress cell functions. Stimulation is agonist, depression is antagonist
If a drug is highly protein bound, what happens?
Very little of it is distributed to the target tissue.
What causes an increase in unbound drug circulation in the elderly?
Decreased albumin
Drugs are metabolized where, and excreted where?
Metabolized in the liver and excreted by the kidneys
Most drugs produce what?
A primary (desired) and a secondary (undesired) effect
What are drugs that block a response called?
What are the four kinds of drug action?
stimulation or depression, replacement, inhibition or killing, and irritation
What happens when you have a drug with not a very specific action?
It will have more side effects
What is the therapeutic range of a drug?
What will produce the desired effect without causing toxic effects.
When does alcohol have a synergistic effect?
When combined with drugs that suppress the CNS
What must a nurse always assess for?
What is the MAR?
Medication administration order (contains drug orders)
What are anti cancer drugs called
1 ml = how many minims?
How often do you check the MAR entries against the original order?
Every 24 hours
What do you document when you give a drug?
Route, site, time
Drug reactions often manifest as _____
What are the 5 additional rules for med administration that were added in the 90s?
Teach the patient about the drug
Take a complete history
Assess fro drug allergies
Be aware of drug and drug/food interactions
Document each dose
How do you give pills?
Pour into the bottle cover then transfer into the medication cup
What are unit doses?
Unit doses are wrapped individually by the pharmacy. a 24 hour supply will be sent up.
What is a computer controlled dispensing system?
Pyxis (used for scheduled drugs)
What are schedule 1 drugs?
Street drugs (heroin, etc)
What are schedule 2 drugs?
Have a medical use, high potential for abuse and severe psychological or physical dependence (SECONAL)
What are schedule III drugs??
Medically useful, some potential for abuse that leads to low or moderate physical and psychological dependence
What are the 3 names a drug has?
Chemical, generic, and trade
What is the fastest absorption route?
Which routes are slow?
Skin (transdermal)
intramuscular may be faster or slower depending on if it has an oil base
Which routes are fast?
mucous membranes,
respiratory tract, Intravenous
What is the study of a drug's effect on cellular physiology called?
Drugs that produce a response are called?