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What is a critically low value for Potassium?
2.5 mEq/L
If someone is 5 foot 3 and weighs 100 lbs, her BMI is
How do you determine BMI?
Multiply weight in lbs by 705 then divide that number by the square of the height in inches
The recommended dietary allowance of fiber is:
20-35 grams a day
Birth weight should triple when?
End of 1 year
Puberty increases need for what?
Protein, calcium, iron
Protein is digested into what, which are absorbed into the blood stream?
22 amino acids
Complete proteins are found where?
Meat and dairy
The adult requirement for protein is what?
Between 46 and 53 grams a day
What's an important role of fats in the body?
transporting fat soluble vitamins
What are the three essential fatty acids necessary for?
healthy blood cells, arteries, nerve skin
Vitamins do what in the body?
Building of tissue, cellular function
Vit C is important to:
The B vitamins are important for what?
Nerve functioning
Minerals are needed for what?
Proper muscle and nerve function
A pt needs to take in how much?
Equal to daily output plus 500 ml
What is the recommended range for BMI
22 to 25
If a pt has pink lesions at corners of mouth what is missing?
If tongue is purplish, what may be missing
Riboflavin Folic acid Niacin
Spongy gums caused by?
Vit C deficiency
Pale conjunctiva is a symptom of what deficiency?
Small yellowish bumps around eye caused by?
Adults are what percent water?
Vegans may have a diet deficient in what
Iodine, vit b12 iron calcium riboflavin, vit D
Protein should be what part of the diet?
10-15 percent
Minerals do what?
Act as catalysts for cellular functions: also necessary for proper muscle and nerve functioning
What happens with too much potassium in the diet?
What are seventh day adventist food restrictions?
No stimulants, shellfish pork or alcohol