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Body fluids are what?
Intracellular or extracellular
Fluids lost from the body are about ___ for 24 hours?
2500 ml
Daily fluid intake must be ??? to maintain homeostasis?
1500 ml
What results in dehydration?
Fluid volume deficit
S/S of fluid volume excess:
Weight gain edema elevated blood pressure slow bounding pulse crackles in the lungs
What can cause edema?
kidney failure heart failure liver failure hormonal disorders
The body maintains a balance of what and what in each fluid compartment?
anions and cations
When you have a water imbalance, what do you also have?
Sodium imbalance
What is hyponatremia?
Occurs with hypochloremia, It is a defecit of sodium in the blood - - less than 135 mEq/L
What's the normal value for potassium?
3-5 to 5.0 mEq/l
What is necessary to maintain homeostasis in the body?
Acid base balance
What controls PH in body?
blood buffer system-lungs=-kidney
Acidosis does what to the nervous system?
depresses the nervous system lethargy weakness confusion - can progress to coma
What are the 2 types of alkalosis?
Respiratory and metabolic
What does alkalosis cause?
Twitching irritability numbness of fingers, can progress to tetany seizures
What should be checked in the elderly for dehydration?
mucous membranes
How do you check for dependent edema?
Pressing a finger against a bony prominence
What is dependent edema?
Usually in feet or legs or back of bedfast patient
What must you do for a patient with a fluid imbalance?
Record I & O
What's the normal range for PaCO2?
35-45 mm HG
What's a symptom of respiratory alkalosis?
What's symptoms of metabolic alkalosis?
vomiting - excessive antacid intake hypokalemia
Symptom of respiratory acidosis
Respiratory congestion - slow shallow respirations
Cause of metabolic acidosis
Shock, diabetic ketoacidosis renal failure diarrhea
How long does it take kidneys to stabilize PH within normal range?
3 days
For the serum PH to remain within the normal range, what must happen?
Bicarbonate ion to carbonic acid must be 20 to 1
The normal range of bicarbonate (HC03) is what?
22 to 26 mEq/l
What occurs in renal failure?
Hyperphosphatemia (above 4.5 mg/DL)
What is hypercalcemia
Serum calcium above 10.6 mg/DL
When do you have hyperkalemia?
Serum potassium above 5.0 mEq/l
Hypokalemia is below what?
3.5 mEq/l
Hypernatremia is what?
Sodium above 145 mEq/L
Symptom of fluid defecit in infant?
Sunken eyeballs and depression of the anterior fontanel