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A parish nurse for a Catholic church provides a free blood pressure screening the first Sunday of every month. This is what level of prevention?
Primary Prevention
A 72-year-old man diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 5 years ago has been participating for the last 2 years in a pulmonary rehabilitation exercise class offered by the local hospital at a fitness facility. This is what level of prevention?
Tertiary Prevention
All of the following are examples of active strategies of health promotion except:
Fluoridation of drinking water
A nurse teaches the importance of folic acid intake to a group of pregnant women. This is considered which level of preventive care?
Primary Prevention
Which of the following models of health or illness defines health as a positive, dynamic state, not merely the absence of disease?
Pender's health promotion model
The nurse in a diabetic clinic conducts monthly seminars for diabetic clients. During these seminars, the importance of taking insulin as directed to prevent diabetic complications is emphasized. This is considered which level of preventive care?
Secondary Prevention
When a nurse is performing surgical hand hygiene, the nurse must keep the hands:
Above the elbows
Which of the following statements reflects the current trend in the directives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for minimizing risks of infection?
Keep all draining tube below the level of the waist and/or site of insertion
For which airborne disease(s) would the nurse be required to use gloves, respiratory devices, and gown when in close contact with the client?
Chicken pox and pulmonary tuberculosis
Before the nurse washes the hands when leaving an isolation room, what is the last thing that is removed?
Which statement comparing a surgical scrub with a regular hand-washing session is correct?
The fingers are held down to rinse in routine hand-washing but are held upright when performing a surgical scrub.
When providing health maintenance teaching to new employees in the food-handling department, the nurse emphasizes the need to perform hand hygiene after using the bathroom to prevent:
Spread of hepatitis A
After the nurse assists a client with a history of seizures to a recliner chair, the client begins to have a seizure. The nurse should immediately:
Slide the client to the floor and cradle the client's head in the nurse's lap.
While the nurse is administering flu immunizations in November to a group of older adults at a community senior citizens' center, one of the seniors expresses a fear of contracting the flu from the injection. The nurse reassures the senior that this is not possible because the vaccine contains a dead virus and explains that this injection will produce _________ immunity, in which the senior's body will make antibodies to the virus.
Health care workers who have direct contact with individuals suspected of being contaminated with anthrax should do which of the following?
Wear an isolation gown, gloves, and high-efficiency particle arrestor (HEPA) mask and Have the client remove clothing and place it in a sealed biohazard bag