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In the latter part of 20th century, scientists became increasingly concerned about the threat of infectious diseases. What is not a reason why the incidence of infectious diseases has risen?
Ineffective diagnoses of diseases
Surgeon General D. Satcher's explanation / Chp Opener
What is the branch of microbiology that involved DNA manipulation in order to create new products and genetically modify organisms?
Genetic Engineering
Read: The Impact of Microbes on Earth
When looking for life on other planets, scientists first look for signs of microbial inhabitation. What is not a reason why?
Microbes prevent the recycling of elements
The majority of the oxygen in the earth's atmosphere is derived from processes carried out by what roup of microorganisms?
Photosynthetic organisms
In the process of bioremediation, biological agents perform what function?
Degrade environmental pollutants
What is the most effective method for preventing the aquisition of malaria worldwide?
Sleep under a bed tent
Read: Discussion of Malaria Infectious Diseases Human Condition
Many non-infectious diseases have been shown to b assoc with chroic infections with certain microorganisms. What is the disease?
Coronary Artery Disease
What is Not classified as a microorganism?
parasite: an organism that lives within, upon or @ the expense of another organism
What is true of the procaryotes?
They do NOT contain a nucleus
Which of the following does not describe a virus?
They are more complex than procarotes and eucaryotes
Read: Viruses / Fig 1.5 / b
How do the majority of microorganisms exist in nature?
As free-living and harmless organisms
Who is known as the Father of Bacteriology & Protozoology?
Antoine van Leeuwenhoek
Early scientists explained natural phenomena using several methods, What method is not used?
Scientific method

Used: Arguement, Superstition Religious teachings & common beliefs
What is the primary aim of the scientific method?
To formulate a hypothesis
Fig 1.10 The Establishment
Proponents of spontaneous generation believe what?
The theory of abiogenesis.

Living matter arriving from non-living matter
See Highlights 1.1 / Text
Whose experiment finally discounted the theory of abiogenesis?
Louis Pasteur
What statement defines a theory?
A collection of statements, propositions, or concepts that explains or accounts for a natural event.
Read: The Establishment
Fig 1.10, 1.11
Joseph Lister's concept of asepsis in the medical setting consisted primarily of what technique?

sterilization of bandages,destroying endospores, use of antibiotics
R. Koch used what microorganism (and disease it causes) to formulate Koch's postulates?

Magainins, Cipro, Augmentin, Strptomycin
these other microorganisms not correct
What is the smallest & most specific of the levels of classification?
Domain, Species,Family, Genus, Phylum

Pg 15 / TB